Application Procedure

Application Criteria

Application Criteria for Informatics Institute

Who can Apply to Informatics Institute?

Applicants who wish to pursue a degree at the Graduate School must hold; 

  1. For Master of Science/Arts applications, a bachelor’s degree or awaiting graduation degree from bachelor,
  2. For PhD application, a M.S./M.A. degree or awaiting graduation from M.S./M.A.

 Information Systems department welcomes students from all disciplines as a result of its interdisciplinary nature.  Students are accepted by taking into consideration their ALES results, GPA scores, reference letters and interviews.

Students can apply to different types of graduate programs. You can apply to regular graduate programs in which the classes are in working hours (Information Systems, Cognitive Sciences, Health Informatics, Game Technologies and Cyber Security), or you can apply to the ones in which the classes are in the evenings, or online (Informatics Online, Software Management, Work Based Learning).

If your residence is outside Ankara, you can prefer applying to our “Informatics Online” MS program without having to attend the classes on METU premises.

If you would like to apply to "Software Management" program, you are required to have at least one year working experience in software industry unless you have a computer engineering degree.

No interview is held for the applicants in “Software Management” and “Informatics Online”.

If you have enough working experience after graduation in public or private sector, you can consider applying to “Work-based learning” program. It is a joint non-thesis Master Programme with Middlesex University (UK) which is recognized by YÖK and approved by British QAA (Quality Assurance Agency). The students will be granted a dual diploma by METU and Middlesex University upon completing the programme.

If you are already enrolled in a program in other universities, you can apply to take courses from our institute through exchange programs. You can also apply to ÖYP program which gives the opportunity to be academic personnel and graduate student at the same time. If you do not want to be enrolled in a program but still would like to take courses in the area that you are interested in, you can take courses as a special student.

How to Apply? 

Application to the programs in the Graduate School of Informatics Institute will be made online in the link provided below. 

Applicants DO NOT need to deliver the required documents (hard-copies) to the Graduate School of Informatics Institute. 

  1. Log in to the Online Application System ( and fill out the required fields in the Application Form. 
  2. Freeze the Online Application Form and the application process is complete. You can check your application status on the Main Page ( by logging in with your email address and password
  3. After finalizing your application, you can check out the website of the Graduate School ( for the interview dates