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Cognitive Science Department brings together the research and teaching of academicians in computer science, psychology, philosophy and linguistics. It aims to extend its interdisciplinary links to as many parts of METU as possible, as well as to other universities in Turkey and abroad. It aims to develop a collaborative atmosphere that attracts researchers and postgraduate students interested in all aspects of cognition.



From the Head of the Department

How do natural cognitive systems (humans, animals) work? How can we design artificial cognitive systems (intelligent agents, robots) that are able to communicate with natural cognitive systems? What are the tools that may have the potential to make artificial systems make decisions by conducting reasoning and perform actions that manipulate the environment? What are the underlying mechanisms of perceptual and cognitive processes, such as vision, language acquisition, comprehension, and production, memory, and learning? These are high-level questions that Cognitive Science researchers and the researchers in the relevant domains have been interested in since the past several decades.

METU Cognitive Science graduate program aims at contributing to cogsci research from an interdisciplinary perspective. We believe that it is virtually impossible to understand the mind by solely thinking and discussing about it, neither by solely collecting and reporting human behavior data, nor by engineering methods in isolation.  Therefore, we provide a curriculum that covers a broad range of disciplines, namely “tracks” in our terminology. We have courses in the computer science track, courses in the philosophy track, the linguistics track, and the psychology track. These courses aim at teaching the body of knowledge in cognitive science and maintaining scientific interest to specific topics that will lead to master-level or a phd-level research topics.

If you are keen on joining the endeavor, check the application criteria and apply to our graduate program. We also welcome exchange students (e.g., Erasmus students) and exchange faculty members. 


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