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Cognitive Science Department brings together the research and teaching of academicians in computer science, psychology, philosophy and linguistics. It aims to extend its interdisciplinary links to as many parts of METU as possible, as well as to other universities in Turkey and abroad. It aims to develop a collaborative atmosphere that attracts researchers and postgraduate students interested in all aspects of cognition.



From the Head of the Department


The Cognitive Science Department was established in 1997, with the initiative of a small number of METU academicians who were highly enthusiastic about understanding various aspects of the natural and artificial minds by carrying out interdisciplinary research.  The department aimed to bring together METU professors interested in cognitive sciences for teaching and research, and it had a desire to establish research links with universities across Turkey and the world.  It is now more than a decade that our department was established. Our goals of interdisciplinary research have largely been reached, we also take pride in the number and quality of the theses and research papers produced by the students and the staff of this small department. We are encouraged by such accomplishments, and our future aim is to extend the number and quality of our courses so that the department can better represent the evolving nature of the field and respond to the needs of more students and researchers.  

We encourage interested students and researchers from different disciplines to join us and help to enrich our interdisciplinary approach as well as realizing the goal of firmly establishing cognitive science as a discipline in Turkey.   


Best wishes,


Cem Bozsahin



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