Informatics Institute has had its own new building since 2008. In the new building there are 5 classroom, 1 smart classroom,  1 computer laboratory, and 1 amphiteatre (100 person capacity), 1 conference hall (50 person capacity), 3 meeting room and 1 social room. Also there are labs for different working areas in the institute. The following labs are mostly in use or in setup phase.  

Informatics Institute is directly connected to the main backbone of the university by fiber optic connections. Thus it is capable of providing 1GB Ethernet connection to its staff and students. The institute currently has 1 main server, which provides mail and web services. In addition to the main server, there are currently over 10 server machines which are used in various tasks such as backups, Netclass, ION and IS systems. In the current setup the institute can provide gigabit access to every available computer in its network. Other than the servers, there are over 100 machines at the disposal of the faculty, research assistants and administrative staff. All these computers are the best possible PC configurations available today.

In the recently completed building, Informatics Institute has a server room, which is capable of providing fiber optic access to over 500 computers. In addition to the above, the server room is capable of housing 12 Racks to accommodate over 200 rack mountable servers. The system room is designed and built with the latest technology equipment available today, including non-flammable raised floor tiling and an electro-magnetically operated security door. In addition to staff computers, the institute has a computer laboratory, consistsing of 20 computers that are capable of executing the latest possible softwares.

Wireless Lab

This lab has the following equipments in use:

  • Sensors (heat, light, motion, pressure, moisture, magnetic, distance, vibration)
  • Wireless communication cards
  • RFID readers
  • Android 2.2 HTC mobile device
  • One laptop with e7 processor
  • Electronic circuit development devices like resistances and breadboards

METU Neuro Lab

This laboratory has software for fMRI analysis like AFNI, FSL, SPM, Matlab, E-Prime.

VR Vision Lab

This lab has 4 computers with 7 monitors for its works. 

Bioinformatics Lab

This lab has one Fujitsu rack server. Also, there are two workstations in this lab with the following properties:

  • Microarray Analysis and SNP Genotyping Workstation: Equipped with microarray analysis openwares and state of the art "METU-SNP" desktop application developed by our group (GBG) for integrated SNP Association analysis and prioritization studies.
  • Sequence Analysis Workstation: Equipped with the selection of primer design, sequence similarity analysis, protein modelling and molecular animation softwares. This workstation is also optimized for accesing online bioinformatics databases and to use their analytical tools.

Computer Laboratory