General Information about the Cognitive Science Programs

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Aim and Philosophy of the Program


The objective of our graduate programs is to offer students with different backgrounds breadth of knowledge and research techniques in a wide range of areas in Cognitive Science, but not restricted to the areas of expertise of our staff.


The Cognitive Science Program at METU Informatics Institute brings together the research and teaching of academicians in computer engineering, psychology, philosophy and linguistics. It aims to extend its interdisciplinary links to as many parts of METU as possible, as well as to other universities in Turkey and abroad. It aims to develop a collaborative atmosphere that attracts researchers and postgraduate students interested in all aspects of cognition.


The training we offer in Cognitive Science is theoretically and methodologically oriented. It is interdisciplinary and includes a whole range of applications, as manifested by our various research activities and labs. Four disciplines are represented in the graduate programs of Cognitive Science at METU. Cognitive Psychology studies deal with cognitive processes such as memory, attention, perception, action and reasoning through empirical research on human behavior. Linguistics investigates the nature of human language and its manifestation as a mental ability. Computer Science creates computational models of cognitive processes for purposes of understanding similar abilities in humans and designing intelligent systems. Philosophy addresses questions about the essential nature of mind, knowledge, representation, and language. These traditional tracks have recently been complemented by cognitive neuroscience research.



Program Structure


Courses are grouped into four tracks. These are computer science, linguistics, psychology, and philosophy. Each term, the courses offered under each track are announced in the master course list (see above).



Student Profile


The Cognitive Science Department at METU Informatics Institute welcomes students from various backgrounds and so far has admitted students from departments such as Computer Science and Engineering, Psychology, Philosophy, Foreign Language Education, Physics, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Computer Education and Instructional Technology.



Career Opportunities


Language technology, innovative uses of computers, man-machine interfaces, academic track on Cognitive Science or related disciplines, such as Computer Science, Linguistics, Psychology, Philosophy.



Cognitive Science Colloquia


Cognitive Science Colloquia are held throughout the year and consist of seminars/talks given by invited speakers from various universities, as well as seminars by the METU staff or our own PhD students. The Colloquia aim to share information on cognitive science research, as well as promote academic research and collaboration. The seminars are open to anyone interested and provide an opportunity for our students to keep up with the recent research conducted in the field, allowing them to observe how research topics develop through academic exchange.


List of events



Cognitive Science Seminars


As part of the METU Informatics Institute Seminar Series, Cognitive Science faculty invites nationally and internationally renown speakers and organizes seminars on Cognitive Science and related fields.


Aravind Joshi (University of Pennsylvania) was one of the invited speakers of Informatics Festival (June 8-10, 2011), organized by the Informatics Institute. His keynote address can be found here: Some Aspects of Transition from Sentence to Discourse


List of seminars