General Information About Informatics Institute



From the Director of Graduate School of Informatics


Informatics Institute, established in 1996 at METU, is one of the first of its kind in Turkey. Our pioneering status in the field and our emphasis on the blend of teaching, research, and service uniquely position us as leaders and innovators in informatics. The mission of the Informatics Institute is to promote creative and innovative interdisciplinary academic research from a comprehensive perspective and to cultivate an abundance of human resources with a wide range of vision. To provide an interdisciplinary education and research, to train the next generation of researchers in this area and to be a leader in this field, we are bringing together academicians and experts from different disciplines. Informatics Institute provides a unique collaborative research and learning environment in informatics. Our faculty and students are a diverse group with a wide range of experience and interests and our curricula emphasize the interaction and interchange between researchers working in all areas of informatics.

Informatics Institute has established different specialization areas in five departments. Each area has pioneering initiatives in their respective academic field and each is strongly committed to interdisciplinary collaborations within the university and beyond.

We believe we are engaged in an exciting and forward-looking programme of teaching and research, and are proud of our links with industrial sectors- at local, national and international levels.

Our aim for the future is to educate more students who will go into worldwide communities and bringing about life changing - life enhancing differences with their informatics training.

Our motto is "creative innovation" at all levels of activity; from the design of new courses to their implementation and delivery, and our research and collaboration with the industry.


Director of the Informatics Institute