Informatics Online MS Program

Starting from May 2015, Informatics Online (ION) program will no longer be accepting new students. Also for the time being, there is no possibility of accepting new students anymore. We are sorry for any inconvenience this might have caused.

Mayıs 2015'den itibaren Bilişim Sistemleri Online Programı'na artık yeni öğrenci kabul edilmeyecektir. Ayrıca şu anki koşullar altında, bundan sonra yeni öğrenci kabul etme olasılığı bulunmamaktadır. Bu durumun neden olabileceği uygunsuzluklar için özür dileriz.



Informatics Online: ION

Informatics-Online aims at providing expertise on the rapidly developing subjects of information technology and systems. It is intended for working professionals who need continuing education at anytime and anywhere without the need to come to the METU campus for lectures.

Informatics Online is an online graduate program which is offered by the METU Informatics Institute. It is accepted by YÖK as a regular METU Master of Science program like other graduate programs.

The program is conducted mainly in an asynchronous manner. Collaboration among students and instructors is carried out by using both asynchronous (e.g. e-mail, forums/discussion lists) and synchronous (e.g. chat, exam / review meeting on-campus during a scheduled mid-semester weekend and final) tools. Web based material enriched with interactive animations, simulations and exercises form the basic course content.


M.S. in Informatics-Online (ION)

M.S. in Informatics-Online (ION) program has been designed for distance education with similar content as the M.S. in Information Systems program. Courses are carried out independently from regular classes and participation is exclusively over the Internet. Therefore, it provides a flexible alternative for students who may not be able to attend classes on regular campus hours, and who would like to carry out a master’s education on their own schedule remotely.


Who may apply?

With the ION program’s interdisciplinary nature, students with different backgrounds can benefit from the program in various ways. Core courses cover fundamental aspects of Information Systems, Database Concepts, Computer Networking, and Software Engineering. The courses offered as part of the management track provides more focus towards Information Technology Management, while the technical track emphasizes the technical foundation needed for a solid understanding of state of the art information technologies.

Prospective students can get more information regarding our degree programs' application requirements from the following web sites:

Who may apply?
Applying to Informatics Institute


Degree Requirements

The students enrolled in the program are required to take five core courses and five electives. It is also required that the students appear personally on campus twice every term (one for midterm and the other at the end of the term). Since the program is categorized as a non-thesis program, instead of a thesis, students prepare an applied project individually, and present it as a seminar on campus. Students are expected to complete the program in at most six terms.


Career Opportunities

Graduates of the program can work in any field related with information technology and systems. 


Comments From Graduates

Anil Üstün (IS MSc Graduate – Researcher):
"I got my M.Sc. in Information Systems degree in 2007. During the two-year education period in one of the best and most established universities in Turkey, I had the opportunity to cover the gaps in my background which had occurred since I came from a different scientific discipline. In Informatics Institute, I was able to take courses from both the academicians and industrial experts. In this way, I had the chance to discuss the current problems in the research area with a highly-qualified faculty and to obtain information on how to solve these problems. I recommend the Information Systems graduate programs for the people who desire to reach their goals either for a career or to be knowledgeable." more... 


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