The Mission of Graduate School of Informatics

  • To function as a bridge between science and technology.
  • To bring together academicians and experts from different disciplines to be a pioneer in interdisciplinary education and research.
  • To contribute to Turkey’s informatics politics.
  • To bring together researchers from different faculties and departments, thus creating a synergy among them.
  • To provide masters’ and PhD programs for students with different knowledge bases.
  • To execute theoretical and practical R&D projects.
  • To enhance the collaboration between industry, university and government.
  • To meet the need for the growing labor force in the informatics field.
  • To perform national and international R&D projects in informatics and thus contribute to scientific and technological developments.
  • To be a pioneer in e-transformation.
  • To be a forerunner in developing and using information technologies as a contribution to the society.