METU Child and Baby Lab

Principal Investigator:

Annette Hohenberger



The METU Child and Baby Lab (Bilişsel Bebek Araştırmaları Merkezi (BeBeM)) has been established by Annette Hohenberger and CogSci students who are interested in the empirical study of language and cognitive development in infants and children. Researches of the group can be seen at

We are currently conducting a project funded by TUBİTAK (111K226), from 15 October 2011- 15 April 2013. The project is entitled “Sensitivity of Turkish infants to vowel harmony and word stress: developmental studies on word perception and word segmentation”. We are inviting parents with babies to BeBeM twice, when their babies are 6 and 10 months old. In this longitudinal study we want to find out at what age Turkish babies become sensitive to back-front and round-unround harmony in complex words consisting of stem+suffixes (Experiment 1) and if they use harmony in conjunction with word stress as indicators of word boundaries for the purpose of segmenting the speech stream (Experiment 2). We use a looking-time paradigm as a research methodology, i.e., we monitor and compare infants’ looking-times towards vowel-harmonic and vowel-disharmonic stimuli. Collaborators in this project are Dr. Aslı Altan (PostDoc), Utku Kaya and Gözde Bahadır (doctoral students), Başak Elbek Alpas (psychologist, Ankara University), and Prof. Dr. Barbara Höhle (University of Potsdam, Germany, advisor).

Besides this current project, our METU Child and Baby Lab will serve as a research platform for Cognitive Science staff members, graduate students (MS and PhD), and national and international guest researchers interested in any aspect of cognitive development.

Group Members: 

Utku Kaya , Gözde Bahadır, Dr. Aslı Altan, Başak Elbek Alpas, Prof. Dr. Barbara Höhle