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Prof. Dr. Cem Bozşahin
Office hours: open door for very short questions, by appointment for longer ones.
Quiet hours: an hour before and after lectures. I need to concentrate/rest.
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Informatics Building, B-209
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+90 (312) 210-7758
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+90 (312) 210-3745
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B.Sc. 1982, METU (IE)
M.Sc. 1984, METU (IE)
Ph.D. 1990, Arizona State University (Computer Science)

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computer science, computational & theoretical linguistics, philosophy of cognitive science, fundamentals of cogsci

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Academic and Professional Activities

please see the personal web page for research description, and for some online papers and current courses.


Work / Research Experience

1988-1990: Arizona State University (research assoc.; Group for Computational Studies of Strategies, now AI Lab).

1990-1992: Ohio University (; Computer Science).

2002-2003: Edinburgh University (visiting prof.; School of Informatics).

2005-2015: Edinburgh University (external collaborator; School of Informatics).

2011: Bogazici University (visiting prof.; cognitive science and linguistics).

2015-2016: University of Lisbon (visiting prof.; linguistics).

1992-2011: ODTU ([asst, assoc., prof.]dr; computer science and cognitive science).

2011-now: ODTU (prof.dr; cognitive science).


Online material are here: