Didem Gökçay

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Assist. Prof. Dr. Didem Gökçay
Cognitive Science, Information Systems, Medical Informatics
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+90 (312) 210-3750
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METU Neuro Lab

METU-NEURO Cognitive Neuroscience and Neuroimaging Lab


B.Sc. 1988, Electrical and Electronic Engineering , METU
M.Sc. 1991, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, METU
Ph.D. 2001, Computer Information Science and Engineering, University of Florida
PG 2004, Neuroscience,

Thesis / Research Information: 

Academic and Professional Activities

Informatics Institute, METU: January 2008 - present
Member of the Executive Board
Institute representative of the academic evaluation board of METU

Graduate Department of Health Informatics, METU:
Member of the Academic Board: September 2005 - present
Program Coordinator: September 2007 - present

Graduate Department of Biomedical Engineering, METU:
Member of the Academic Board: September 2007 - present

Graduate Department of Cognitive Science, METU:
Member of the Academic Board: September 2006 - present

Employed as systems programmer, database administrator, R&D engineer during October 1987- June 1993 at several computer centers including Aselsan military electronics, Middle East Tech Univ., Martin Marietta GAMA Electronics, and TÜBİTAK Turkish Science Foundation, METU Electronics Division, Ankara, Turkey.

Honors, Scholarships and Awards

Academic Performance Award: 2009, METU, Office of the President

In recognition of acedemic productivity during the past three academic years (2006-2008)

Best MS Thesis Supervision Award: 2008, METU Informatics Institute, Department of Cognitive Science

Thesis Title: "Emotional Conflict Resolution in Healty and Depressed Populations"   

Student: Zeynep Başgöze

Turkish Psychopharmachology Association Poster award (2nd Place): 2007, Turkish  Psychopharmachology Congress, Istanbul, Turkey

Poster titled 'Volumetric morphology analysis of compartments of the anterior cingulate cortex in major depressive disorder

Astra-Zeneca Award: 2006, Brain Research Association, Turkey

Research titled 'Precise localization of morphological differences in the prefrontal cortex of patients with major depression disorder'

Fulbright Scholarship: 1994, USIA and Fulbright Foundation, USA

Stipend for one full year for starting PhD. education at the University of Florida, Computer Science Department

Best MS Thesis of the year:

1991, Middle East Technical University, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Turkey

Undergraduate Scholarship:

1983-1987, SABANCI Foundation, Turkey


Work / Research Experience

Principal Investigator: January 2006- present
METU BAP project, 2009: fMRI analysis using non-linear deconvolution
METU BAP project, 2008: TÜDADEN: Türkçede Duygusal ve Anlamsal Değerlendirmeli Norm Veri Tabanı
METU BAP project, 2007: Localization of facial symmetry perception with fMRI
METU BAP project, 2006: Analysis of structural and functional MR images

Consultant: June 2002-June 2004
Quantification of facial expressions and facial asymmetries (Univ. of FL)

Postdoctoral Fellow: June 2001- June 2004

Laboratory for Research on the Neuroscience of Autism, Univ. of California, San Diego
Volumetric quantification of neuroanatomy in autistic infantile population hrough  ntegration of automatic and manual ROI-based techniques
Characterization of tissue parameters in structural MR images utilizing multi-contrast FLASH sequences
Feature-based morphological analysis of cortical structures using wavelets and statistical measures

Research Assistant: June 1995- June 2001
Laboratory for Cognitive Neuropsychology, Brain Institute, Univ. of Florida,Gainesville
Precise localization of fMRI activity based on ROI specification of neuroanatomy
Digitization and analysis of facial expressions from video in Parkinson's patients
Task generation synchronized to the MR scanner pulses in fMRI experiments
Construction of a database from affective psychophysiology data: SCR, eyeblink

Summary of roles and duties as a research assistant and postdoctoral fellow:
Design and development of software to post-process data/images obtained from MRI, fMRI or psychophysiology experiments (using C, Pv-wave or MATLAB)
Development of data acquisition and pre-processing protocols for MRI, fMRI, or video-captured facial expressions from normal controls or patients (Parkinson's)  
Task design and stimulus delivery software development for auditory or visual fMRI



Gökçay, D., Çakır E., & Turgut C. (2009).  'A Bayesian decision support system for pediatric diagnosis of upper respiratory infections'. HIBIT: International Symposium on Health Informatics and Bioinformatics.
Gökçay, D., M.U. Ç., & Akkoyun E. (2009).  'Beyin MR Görüntülerinde Korteks-altı Bölgesindeki Bölütlemenin İyileştirilmesi. Proceedings of 14th National Biomedical Engineering Meeting (Biyomut).
Gökçay, D., Ş. A., & G. Y. (2009).  Understanding Behavioral Problems in Text-based Communication Using Neuroscientific Perspective. Proceedings of ACII: International Conference on Affective Computing and Intelligent Interaction.


































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