Gökçen Yılmaz

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Gökçen Yılmaz
PhD Candidate
Research assistant
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+90 (312) 210-7723
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+90 (312) 210-
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Msc. Information Systems, Middle East Technical University,2012

Bsc. Industrial and Systems Engineering, Yeditepe University, 2008

Research Interests: 

Software Functional Size Measurement,  Software Requirements Engineering, Software Business Process Modelling and Improvement, Software Benchmarking and Project Management

Courses / Laboratories: 

Introduction to Software Testing
Personal Software Process
Software Requirements Engineering
Introduction to Information Systems

Thesis / Research Information: 

An Automated Defect Detection Approach for COSMIC Functional Size Measurement Method, Thesis, Middle East Technical  University, Ankara, Turkey, G. Yilmaz, Supervised by: Prof Dr. O. Demirors, 2012,


Ertugrul, M., Yilmaz, G., Salmanoglu, M., Demirors, O., “The Effect of Highlighting Error Categories in FSM Training on the Accuracy of Measurement”, IWSM-MENSURA, 2014 

Yilmaz, G., Tunalilar, S., Demirors, O., "Towards the Development of a Defect Detection Tool for COSMIC Functional Size Measurement," Software Measurement and the 2013 Eighth International Conference on Software Process and Product Measurement (IWSM-MENSURA), 2013 Joint Conference of the 23rd International Workshop on , vol., no., pp.9,16, 23-26 Oct. 2013 doi: 10.1109/IWSM-Mensura.2013.12, 

Yilmaz, G., Tunalilar, S., Demirörs, O.; “R-COVER: Yazılım Büyüklük Ölçümü Hata Tespit Aracı,” In UYMS(2013),


Yilmaz, G., Ungan, E., Demirors, O., “The Effect of the Quality of Software Requirements Document on the Functional Size Measurements,” UKSMA, 2011, London, UK 

Yilmaz, G., Ungan, E., Demirors, O., “Yazilim Gereksinim Dokumani Kalitesinin Islevsel Buyukluk Olcumune Etkisi,” UYMS, 2011, Ankara,Turkey