Yusuf Murat Erten

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Assist. Prof. Dr. Yusuf Murat Erten
Informatics Online, Information Systems
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B.Sc. 1976, Electronic Engineering, University of Birmingham
M.Sc. 1983, Computer Science, University Of Missouri
Ph.D. 1997, Computer Engineering, METU

Academic and Professional Activities

  • IEEE Member
  • IEEE Communication Society Member
  • IEEE Computer Society Member
  • IEEE Circuits and Systems Society Member, Institute of Electrical Engineers- Turkey Member
  • ACM Member

Honors, Scholarships and Awards

 Turkish Government Scholarship 1971- 1980

Teaching Experience


Assistant Professor, TOBB Economics and Technology University, Ankara

Department of Computer Engineering, 2004–2009

Assistant Professor, ATILIM University

Department of Computer Engineering, 2001–2004

Assistant Professor, Middle East Technical University

Informatics Institute, 1997-2001

Department of Computer Engineering, 1997-1998

Instructor, Middle East Technical University

Department of Computer Engineering, 1990-1996

Instructor, Atilim University

Department of Computer Engineering, 2000-2001

Instructor, Hacettepe University

Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, 1986-1988

Department of Computer Engineering, 1988-1990

Teaching Assistant, University of Missouri, Rolla MO USA

Department of Mathematics, 1982-1983

Professional Experience

Lucent Technologies, Turkey

Wireline Account Director, 2000- 2001 

Responsible for sales and marketing of new products to Turk-Telekom and other wireline accounts.

Ericsson, Turkey

Marketing Manager, Turk-Telekom Account, 1998-2000

Introduction of new products to Turk-Telekom, organizing seminars and field trials, preparing offers and negotiating contracts, troubleshooting during the life of the contracts.

Ortas Telecommunications Inc. 

CEO, 1992-1997

Responsible for the management of marketing and sales activities including relations with the represented companies from Europe and the US.

Ortas Telecommunications Inc. 

Engineering Manager, 1985-1992

Responsible for managing teams of computer and 

electronic engineers running projects. 

Thesis / Research Information: 

IS 742 Sensor Networks 2009 - 2010 / 2

Theses Supervised


  • Mehmet Özdem Video distribution over IP networks 2007
Özarslan, S., & Erten M. (2008).  Simulation of Agilla middleware on TOSSIMInternational Conference on Simulation Tools and Techniques for Commuications, Networks and Systems & Workshops. 1,
Tomur, E., & Erten M. (2008).  Security and Spatial Resolution Optimization for Cluster-Based Wireless Sensor NetworksInternational Conference on Communication Theory, Reliability, and Quality of Service. 
Tomur, E., & Erten M. (2007).  An Analysis for the Correlation of Coverage and Spatial Resolution for Wireless Sensor NetworksInternational e-Conference of Computer Science (IeCCS 2007). 
Tomur, E., & Erten M. (2007).  Security and Service Quality Analysis for Cluster-Based Wireless Sensor NetworksFifth International Conference on Wired / Wireless Internet Communications. 
Tomur, E., & Erten M. (2007).  Tradeoff Analysis and Optimization of Security and Spatial Resolution for Sensor Networks41st Annual Conference on Information Sciences and Systems (CISS’07). 
Tomur, E., & Erten M. (2006).  Application of temporal and spatial role based access control in 802.11 wireless networksComputers & Security (Elsevier). 25(6), 452-458.
Tomur, E., & Erten M. (2004).  A Layered Security Architecture for Corporate 802.11 Wireless Networks2nd Wireless Telecommunications Symposium (WTS 2004).