Government/Industry Collaborations

E-Government Research and Development Center    

The e-Government Research and Development Centre, EDMER, has been established by Middle East Technical University (METU), in June 2006.

The vision of “EDMER” is to accelerate the “e-Transformation” period of Turkey by supporting the e-Government applications through the initiation and execution of concepts and processes of the realization of “e-Transformation of Turkey”, and thus increasing the social benefits to be gained by bringing together Public Institutions, and Private Sector organizations under the umbrella of the University. With this collaboration, EDMER will contribute to ICT development of Turkey.

The mission of the EDMER is to create and increase the e-Transformation awareness of the e-government partners, through performing activities such as POC (Proof of Concept) projects, trainings, seminars, workshops, focus meetings and making researches for the e-Transformation applications.

Objectives of METU EDMER

  • To contribute to e-Transformation Turkey Project,
  • To increase collaboration among Public Institutions - Private Sector organizations –University,
  • To enable the application of process and concepts of e-transformation, e-government efficiently,
  • To increase the social benefit in e-Government projects,
  • To increase the e-Government shareholders' and managers' awareness of e-Transformation,
  • To perform feasibility studies for e-Government applications and e-Government researches,
  • To constitute e-Government sharing platform between university and both public corporations and public-private sector, and to create up an atmosphere for discussions, sharing ideas.
  • To bring knowledge into the country and in this way to make progress in e-Government projects by analyzing sample applications throughout the world,
  • To enable transfer of knowledge and experiences in e-Government field by organizing various workshops, conferences, seminars.