METU Child & Baby LAB

The METU Child and Baby Lab has been established by Annette Hohenberger and CogSci students who are interested in the empirical study of language and cognitive development in infants and children. We have conducted research on Turkish language acquisition (vowel harmony, word stress, and word segmentation). We employ a variety of research methods standardly used with infants and children, all purely perceptional and behavioral on the part of the child and observational and non-invasive on the part of the experimenter: habituation and familiarization, preferential looking, and violation-of-expectation.
The lab serves as a research platform for CogSci staff members, graduate students (MSc and PhD), and national and international guest researchers. See our website:

With older children, outside the lab, we have conducted research on the development of imitation, theory of mind, episodic cognition (past and future), executive function, tool innovation, and understanding of normativity. Our CogSci students use classical individual and also novel joint action paradigms to study cognitive development.
With adults, we currently conduct a project on “time perception”, together with PhD cand. Kerem Alp Usal. In this project we investigate the effect(s) of joint action and social facilitation on the perception of (interval) time.