General Questions:

1. Who specifies the application criteria for the programs?

Each department specifies their application criteria for their programs and notifies to the Directorate of Graduate School of Informatics.

2. What is the role of the Graduate School of Informatics Institute in the application process?

Graduate School of Informatics Institute checks the information and documents declared by the candidates through online system in the dates specified in the academic calendar and assures whether the applicants meet the criteria determined by the departments. Graduate School of Informatics Institute approves the candidates who fulfill the criteria and have all the required documents, thus the departments can view the approved applications.

3.Who evaluates the applications and decide to accept/ reject the applicants?

Applications are evaluated by the relevant Department Academic Board.

4.When is it announced that the departments have the admission for graduate programs or not, in the related semester?

It is officially announced on the Informatics Institute homepage which departments will accept graduate students in the related semester according to the dates specified in the METU academic calendar.

5.How many students will be accepted to the program that I have applied?

The departments can accept different numbers of graduate students each year depending on the number of applicants and their qualifications or the status of the program. There is no pre-determined quota on this subject.

Questions on Application Criteria and Documents:

6.What is the date of METU-EPE exam, how can I have information about that exam?

You may reach the date and the details of METU-EPE exam from the links below.



7.I have graduated from a school where the language of education is English, in Turkey/ foreign country, should I still submit English proficiency exam score?

All the applicants should submit a valid English proficiency exam result. Native speakers (i.e., those candidates who are the citizens of a country where English is among the native or official languages of their country) can select the "I am a native speaker" section in the application form

8.The grading system of the school that I was graduated is different. How can I convert my CPGA to your system?

You must use the conversion table attached below:


9.I have not received ALES/ GRE exam yet or I have taken the exam but the results are not announced yet, can I submit the exam score after the application period?

Applicants with missing ALES documents and scores are not accepted or evaluated.

10.I have not received English proficiency exam yet or I have taken the exam but the results are not announced yet, can I submit the exam score after the application period?

Applicants with missing English proficiency exam documents and scores are not accepted or evaluated.

11.Are YDS scores valid for English proficiency?

YDS exam score is not valid for graduate applications. Valid exams are METU-EPE, TOEFL IBT, IELTS and PTE Academic.

12.Who are exempt from the application fee?

Only students enrolled at any university (undergraduate/graduate) are exempted from application fees by adding their student documents to the online application system..

13.If one or more of the required documents is missing in the application period, is there a possibility of conditional application?

Conditional admission can be made for only foreign students if the related department deems appropriate. When conditional admission made for a student, this student has to take 2 elective courses and attend classes during the related semester. If the student takes grade BB or higher from this courses, s/he can continue to the program, otherwise, s/he is dismissed from the program. 

14.Can I get back the application fee?

The applicants whose application is not evaluated due to “missing criteria” or “document” and the applicants who want to withdraw their application within the application period can get their application fee back. Those applicants should apply to Graduate School of Informatics Institute with “Ödeme İadesi Başvuru Formu” form.  (You may reach the form from below link: http://ii.metu.edu.tr/student-forms

15.Can I apply to more than one program for the same semester?

You may apply for more than one program at the same application period. You should submit the required documents separately and pay the application fee for each program. Besides, it is not possible to apply the thesis and non-thesis program of the chosen department at the same time.

16.Can I register to more than one graduate program?

It is not possible to be registered or continued more than one graduate program all at once, except registering with non-thesis master's programs.

Questions on technical issues and on-line application forms: 

17.Can I make revisions on the on-line application form after I freeze it?

You can not make any additions or revisions after submitting your application form. Thus, it is advised to re-check your application form and be assured of your submitted information is correct and completed.

18.To whom/ where should I apply for the problems that I have faced while filling the on-line application form? (For ex. The system does not accept my password, the school/ program that I have graduated does not exist in the list etc.)

If you have technical questions related to the application system, you should inquiry to METU Computer Center using the link below: