Thesis Submission

Thesis Submission:

Before the defending the thesis:

The students who are going to defend their thesis need to deliver their thesis copies (one spiral bound copy for each committee member and pdf version for check of format) and committee assignment form to our institute one month before the thesis defense date.
They should get their reviewed thesis copies back 15 days after the delivery of the forms and the thesis copies. Our institute is not responsible for the mistakes which could arise by any modifications made after the review process.

Contact Info

You can get into contact with the relevant person for your department from the Contact  page for requesting a review of the thesis copy or the delivery of the documents mentioned above to the institute.

As a summary: One copy of thesis should be submitted to the institute.

After defending the thesis:

Students, who successfully defend their thesis, should make the corrections offered by the institute and deliver a minimum of 5 copies of bound copies of their thesis within one month after the date of thesis defense (All the fields in the signature page should be signed except the institute director).

Note on “A minimum of 5 thesis copies”: 5 copies are requested for the institute, the department, thesis advisor, the library and for the students themselves. In the case of a co-advisor, a minimum number of six copies should be submitted. Students can get additional copies for themselves.
After institute director signs the thesis, one copy of the thesis should be submitted to the library after required steps mentioned below are completed. A thesis submission form should be obtained from the library.

Thesis Submission Procedure for METU Library

Note on library submission: Before submitting a printed copy of your thesis to the library you should fill electronic thesis submission form from any place inside the campus in order to make your thesis available in electronic media. 

Thesis Submission Guide

Library Thesis Submission Video

You should also fill the Thesis Photocopy Permission Form before submission of a printed copy of the thesis to the library. (Click to download the form)

As a summary: After the upload of the thesis to electronic media and filling of the thesis photocopy permission form you should submit one printed copy of the thesis to the library and bring the thesis submission form obtained from the library to the institute .

Thesis Submission Procedure for METU Library

   ·    Points to be considered in preparing CD copy of the thesis for submission to YÖK (Higher Council of Education):

  1. Full text of the thesis will be prepared as one pdf document. Links available in pdf preparation web page can be used for converting word documents to pdf documents.
  2. Prepared pdf documents should be the same as the copy of the thesis approved by the Institute or the Dean's Office. As any modifications on the thesis cannot be made by Higher Council of Education; author has the full responsibility for the digital thesis to be the same with the original copy. Adequate enumeration of the pages and identical placement of all the elements found in the main text of the thesis such as figures, graphs and tables should be provided by the author.
  3. Documents should be un-compressed and without any password protection.
  4. When naming the documents, Turkish characters should be avoided.
  5. When naming the documents, related content information should be added after the full name of the author eg. Name_Surname_thesis.pdf
  6. Thesis supplements in text format or prepared via photocopy should be found in the pdf document containing the full text of the thesis. In order to do this, documents will be converted to pdf format using scanners or digital photocopy machines.
  7. Mixed theses: If the thesis does not only contain text file but involves additional image, map, computer programs, audio/video recordings this case should be stated in "Thesis Entry Form” declaring all the document names. Preferred formats for images, video recordings and audio recordings are given below. If any other program is used this should be contained in the CD with the thesis in an available format to the readers with required license.

Preferred Formats:
i-Image Formats
Image documents should be prepared using one of the formats given below:

  • GIF (.gif)
  • PDF (.pdf)
  • TIFF (.tiff)
  • JPEG (.jpeg)

ii-Video Formats

  • MPEG (.mpg)
  • Quick Time – Apple (.mov)
  • Audio Video Interleaved – Microsoft (.avi)

iii-Audio Formats

  • Wav (.wav)
  • MIDI (.midi)
  • MP3 (.mp3)

 Filling the Thesis Entry Form  (

“Thesis Entry Form” ( should be filled and saved on the computer by the author, it should be printed out, signed and sent with the thesis after its Reference No is recorded. Form is designed to provide the transfer of the information filled by the author to a transient table associated with Thesis Database. As the filling of the document is completed and “Save” button is clicked, a printable form containing a “Reference No” generated by the system is created.
If, incorrect data entry was performed by any means there is the possibility to return and make corrections before printing the form.  In data entry checks carried out in Thesis Center “Reference No” of the form accurately filled and sent by the author will be considered. If any suitable option cannot be found for Department, Division or Discipline, these lines might be left blank. 
The principle adopted by Higher Council of Education is that all the theses should be available to the researchers without any restrictions unless there are reasonable grounds (patent application, publication process).  Concern for copying of the thesis cannot be accepted as a ground for restricting the thesis to become accessible. “Publication Delay” option found in Thesis Entry Form should be marked, considering these explanations.

Submission of the bounded thesis to the Institute for Graduation Process

1. Thesis Entry Form to be filled from webpage.
2. One copy of CD named by reference number from Thesis Entry Form taken from YÖK system.
3. Three copies of bounded thesis.

Registration Withdrawal

After students submit their theses and the required documents, they need to perform Registration Withdrawal from  address.