Sağlık Bilgi Sistemleri Temel Sertifika Programı

ODTÜ Enformatik Enstitüsü, teorik birikim ile gündelik uygulamayı birleştirerek sağlık ve bilgi sistemlerinin her noktasındaki ilgi duyan çalışanlara yeni açılım imkanları sağlayacak, ODTÜ tarafından onaylı Sağlık Bilgi Sistemleri Temel Sertifika Programı "2017 SONBAHAR DÖNEMİ" kayıtları başlıyor.

Detaylı Bilgi ve Kayıt:

Sağlık Bilişimi EABD Başkanlığı Mayıs 2017 Doktora Yeterlik Sınavı

Doktora yeterlilik sınav takvimi aşağıda belirtilmiştir.

Yazılı Sınav:

25 Mayıs 2017 Perşembe günü B-116 toplantı salonu (09:30 – 12:30)

26 Mayıs 2017 Cuma günü B-116 toplantı salonu (09:30 – 12:30)


Sözlü Sınav:

29 Mayıs 2017 Pazartesi günü A-108 toplantı salonu (başlangıç saati öğrencilerimize duyurulacaktır)

Adaptive Control of Behaviour: Complex Supervision or Simple Retrieval?

Abstract: Cognitive control is the ability to adjust behaviour to meet task demands under a changing context. Incoming information is suppressed or processed in light of the current goal and the environment. There is an ongoing debate on whether the adaptive control of behaviour is governed by a supervisory mechanism or by retrieval of past events. I will describe our studies and discuss implications to resolving this debate.

Speaker: Dr. Nart Bedin Atalay -- Department of Psychology, TOBB University of Economics and Technology
Date/Time: Friday 5 May 2017, 12:40
Place: METU Graduate School of Informatics,  S03

A Shallow Introduction to Deep Learning by Sinan Kalkan

Abstract: Thanks to advances in computing technologies, availability of large amounts of data, and the discovery of new training techniques, deep learning has led to performance boost in many challenging problems across different domains. In this talk, I will make a very brief introduction to deep learning, focusing mainly on its properties, why it works and how it works.

Location: Conference Room (124), METU Informatics Institute

Time: May 5, 2017, 12:40-13:30

Talk on Image & Video Compression by Prof. Gözde Bozdağı Akar

Abstract: Video compression technologies are about reducing and removing redundant video data so that a digital video file can be effectively sent over a network and stored on computer disks. With efficient compression techniques, a significant reduction in file size can be achieved with little or no adverse effect on the visual quality. The video quality, however, can be affected if the file size is further lowered by raising the compression level for a given compression technique. The same arguments are also valid for image compression. In this talk, I will introduce the basic steps in video coding, algorithms used to measure quality and where the image/ video compression community is heading.

Location: Conference Room (124), METU Informatics Institute
Time: 21 April 2017, 12:40-13:40
EyeTR Eye Movement Control Modeling in Turkish Reading

Eye Movement Control Modeling in Turkish Reading

Date:08 April 2017 

Place:METU Graduate School Of Informatics

Ural Akbulut Amphi

Program can be downloaded here.

HIBIT 2017

10th International Symposium on Health Informatics and Bioinformatics

The International Symposium on Health Informatics and Bioinformatics, (HIBIT), now in its tenth year (HIBIT 2017), aims to bring together academics, researchers and practitioners who work in these popular and fulfilling areas and to create the much-needed synergy among medical, biological and information technology sectors. HIBIT is one of the few conferences emphasizing such synergy. HIBIT provides a forum for discussion, exploration and development of both theoretical and practical aspects of health informatics and bioinformatics and a chance to follow current research in this area by networking with other bioinformaticians.

Date:June 28 – 30, 2017

Place:METU Northern Cyprus Campus


Interviews about Cyber Security

The list of interviewees will be announced on our web page, interviews will be held  in Graduate School of Informatics Class-03 on 10 January 2017 Tuesday.