Welcome to METU Informatics Institute

Informatics Institute, established in 1996 at METU, is one of the first of its kind in Turkey. Informatics Institute provides a unique collaborative research and learning environment in informatics. Our faculty and students are a diverse group with a wide range of experience and interests and our curricula emphasize the interaction and interchange between researchers working in all areas of informatics. Informatics Institute has established different specialization areas in five departments. Each area has pioneering initiatives in their respective academic field and each is strongly committed to interdisciplinary collaborations within the university and beyond.


  • Tez Savunması Mustafa Yağcıoğlu

    Bilişim Sistemleri EABD Doktora öğrencisi Mustafa Yağcıoğlu, " OBJECT TRACKING WITH RANGE GATED CAMERA SYSTEM " konulu tezini, 07 Eylül 2015 tarihinde saat 09:30'da A-108 toplantı salonunda savunacaktır.

  • Tez Savunması Hale Ögel Balaban

    Bilişsel Bilimler EABD Doktora öğrencisi Hale Ögel Balaban, " THE DEVELOPMENT OF NARRATIVE SKILLS AND TOM IN TURKISH-SPEAKING CHILDREN: A COMPLEXITY APPROACH " konulu tezini, 17 Eylül 2015 tarihinde saat 10:00'da B-116 toplantı salonunda savunacaktır.

  • Tez Savunması Elif Selvi Gök

    Bilişsel Bilimler EABD Doktora öğrencisi Elif Selvi Gök, " BEHAVIORAL RELEVANCE OF CONSCIOUSNESS IN OBJECT RECOGNITION TASKS " konulu tezini, 04 Eylül 2015 tarihinde saat 11:00'da S-03 numaralı sınıfta savunacaktır.