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Sarper Alkan, A computational model of the brain for decoding mental states from fMRI PhD Thesis
Gökçe Komaç, Measuring the Effectiveness of a Persuasive Game About Online Trolling in the Context of Gaming: A Case Study M.S. Thesis
Gizem Özen, The effect of kinemorphs on F-Formation shapes: an investigation on human robot interaction in virtual reality M.S. Thesis
Ümit Eronat , Synthesis of Soundscapes Based on an Automatic Analysis of Auditory Imagery in Literary Texts M.S. Thesis
Oğuzhan Demir , Implementing The Type-Raising Algorithm by Grammar Compiling M.S. Thesis
Bilgin Aksoy, Perceptual Quality Preserving Adversarial Attacks M.S. Thesis
Samet Albayrak , Semantic/Pragmatic Processing in Turkish Propositional Attitude Verbs: The Case of "Zannet" M.S. Thesis
Meriç Kınalı, Leveraging The Human Kinome for Anticancer Agent Cytotoxicity Potency Prediction M.S. Thesis
Oğuzcan Ergün, Developing Building Information Modelling Based Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality Environments for Architectural Design and Improving User Interactions with Serious Games M.S. Thesis
Atıl İlerialkan, Speaker and Posture Classification Using Instantaneous Acoustic Features of Breath Signals M.S. Thesis
Cansu Dinçer, 3D Spatial Organization and Network-Guided Comparison of Mutation Profiles in Glioblastoma M.S. Thesis
Müge Değirmenci Camcı, Synthesis of Realistic 3D Artifacts Using Flow Fields M.S. Thesis
Selahattin Polat, Performance Evaluation of Lightweight Cryptographic Algorithms for Internet of Things Security M.S. Thesis
Elif Bozlak, De Novo Snp Calling and Demographic Inference Using Trio Genome Data M.S. Thesis
Evrim Fer, Testing Natural Selection on Polygenic Trait-Associated Alleles in Anatolia Using Neolithic and Present-Day Human Genomes M.S. Thesis
Mine Cüneyitoğlu Özkul, Single-Image Bayesian Restoration And Multi-Image Super-Resolution Restoration For B-Mode Ultrasound Images Using an Accurate System Model PhD Thesis
Orhun Olgun, Entropy-based Direction-of-Arrival Estimation Methods for Rigid Spherical Microphone Arrays M.S. Thesis
Timuçin Berk Atalay, Scattering Delay Networks with Aperture Size Control for Simulating Coupled Volume Acoustics M.S. Thesis
Ozan Emirhan Bayyurt, Designing and Implementing a Game Development Framework for Interactive Stories and Role Playing Games M.S. Thesis
Necati Çağatay Gürsoy, Cross-age Effect In Artificial Neural Networks: A Study On Facial Age Recognition Bias In Artificial Neural Networks M.S. Thesis
Salih Fırat Canpolat, A Novel Approach To Emotion Recognition In Voice: A Convolutional Neural Network Approach And Grad-Cam Generation M.S. Thesis
Open Research Day 2019 News
Çağrı Şakiroğulları, Measuring Empirical Bias Toward Ergativity And Accusativity News
Integrative Network Modeling of the Dasatinib Treatment in Glioblastoma Stem Cells by Gökçe Senger M.S. Thesis
International D4R-Data for Refugees Competition Award Awards
4 TÜBA-GEBİP Awards Granted to METU Awards
Prof. Dr. Mustafa Parlar Education and Reasearch Foundation METU Thesis of the Year Awards Awards
Eren Esgin - Sequence Alignment Based Process Family Extraction PhD Thesis
UNESCO L'OREAL National For Women in Science Award - Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nurcan Tunçbağ Awards