Ali Eren Çetintaş, Meaning, Referentiality and Distribution: A Computational Investigation of Markers in German Compounding

M.S. Candidate: Ali Eren Çetintaş
Program: Cognitive Science
Date: 22.04.2024 / 09:00
Place: B-116

Abstract: Compounding is one of the known ways of word formation and it is available in many languages to some degree or another with crosslinguistic variations. It is also a productive way of word formation in German (Neef, 2009). Compounding in German makes use of some markers, mostly called linking elements, between the constituents, and this phenomenon is highly common. Whether these markers have any meaning or what primary functions they have are seemingly highly controversial. In this study, we suggest that the close relation between meaning and reference on the one hand and categorization on the other can be explored computationally in distributional properties of these markers which are difficult to identify analytically.