IS100 Announcements


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Announcement for IS100 Proficiency Exam: 

Dear all, we received a lot of e-mails about why some people hadn't got IS100 Proficiency Exam announcement e-mails. The reason is that every proficiency exam is only available for certain departments. So, only those who has a right to take this exam received announcement e-mails.

For detailed information, please see


We strongly recommend you to follow future announcements, so that you won't miss the announcements about upcoming IS100 Proficiency exams.




Announcement for IS100 Final Exam:


IS100 Final exam will be held on May 27 (12:30 - 15:30) and May 28 (09:30 - 16:30).

You can learn your exam places from the link below.


IS100 Final Exam Places


If you need to change your exam time because of any valid excuses, send an e-mail to the until May 25 (12:30).

  • If we have emtpy places at exam days (May 27 & May 28) that suit you, we will change your exam time.
  • Otherwise, you have to attend to exam at your current section.


Please state following informations with your e-mails:

1. Student ID

2. Name Surname

3. Grade (Year)

4. Course Section

5. Your Excuse (State it explicitly! For example; I have XXX course exam at XXX time. My IS100 exam is overlaps with it!)


The mails that are not written in the format stated above will be ignored!

You will receive a reply to your mails (positive or negative) until May 26 (12:30).


Furthermore, for your questions, please first read IS100 FAQ (

And for your specific questions, please contact with your Teaching Assistant.


Announcement for IS100 Assignment 1:


The students who fulfill the following conditions take Zero ("0") from IS100 Assignment 1 because of cheating:

  • giving his/her assignment file to other students
  • uploading other students assignment file as his/her own homework


These students are as follow:


METU Student ID
1907138 2007557
1912708 2026722
1913037 2069029
1915909 2073088
1953538 2073203
2002376 2073856