IS100 Exams

Announcement for IS100 Course Registrations:


IS100 is a must course that all students have to take in the first year of their undergraduate education at METU.

All students of IS100 need to register to an Online Section 01-08.

Section 13 is Face-to-Face.

The students who are not registered IS100 Online Course automatically should register to IS100 Online Section 01 manually and get approval from your advisor. They can register to the Online IS100 course from METU Oibs system like their other courses by using the following information:

IS100 Course Code: 9010100

Section Number: 1

Students who want to take the course in a Face-to-Face format should register to Section 13 (Wednesday 13:40 - 15:30 @ Mechanical Eng. Lab 02 (ME-LAB02))

Please remember that attendance to Face-to-Face sections is mandatory.