Tentative Schedule

Midterm: 5 April 2020, at 12:05 PM (noon)

Final: 10 May 2020, at 12:05 PM (noon)

Assignment 1: 30 March - 8 April 2020

Assignment 2: 15 April - 24 April 2020


Read this before you attempt to do your assignment!!

  • You have to access your first assignment via ODTUClass. The assignment will redirect you to the IS100 assignment page. Always use ODTUClass to connect to the assignment page. Follow the instructions that are given below.
  • You must do your homework only on Microsoft Office products running on Windows. Do not do your homework on Ubuntu or any other Unix platformsotherwise, our tool may not read your homework and you may get zero points. If you don't have Microsoft Office products, you can use computer laboratories in the METU campus.
  • Homework files are customized for each student. (i.e. your student ID is embedded in the file that you download.) Do not share your file with others! Otherwise, your submission will not be evaluated and both you and the person that you get the file from will get zero points from the assignment.
  • The deadline for Assignment 1 submission is 08.04.2020(Wednesday) 23:55. Later submissions that are sent within the next day (09.04.2020) will be evaluated as late submissions and your grade will get a penalty for that (depending on how late you submitted). Any submission that is later than 09.04.2020, 23:55 will be discarded by the system. You are responsible for submitting early so that you are not affected by last-minute system glitches. 

How to download your assignment

1.    Go to IS100 course page on ODTUClass. (Use Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge, not Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox!!)

2.    Click on the Homework link provided at ODTUClass. This link will redirect you to the IS100 assignment page. Please check your browser's pop-up settings before you open the page. Otherwise, you may not be able to open the page. 

3.    From the “Download Assignment” section, select “Assignment-1: MS Word”, and click the “Download Assignment” button.

4.    Your assignment files will be downloaded.


What to do after you have downloaded the assignment file

1.    Before making any changes, first UNZIP the word file to the desired location in your file system.

2.    Make the necessary changes that are requested in the assignment description, and save the file without changing its name.

3.    When you are finished making changes, do not forget to save the file! (Many students got zero points in the past just because they forgot to save the changes they made.)

4.    You must upload the Microsoft Word file that you have downloaded (do not create a new file). Because that file is unique for your student ID and another file cannot take its place. If you upload another file, you'll get zero points.


How to upload your assignment:

1.    Go to IS100 course page on ODTUClass.  (Use Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge, not Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox!!)

2.    Click on the Homework link provided at ODTUClass. This link will redirect you to the IS100 assignment page.

3.    From the “Upload Assignment” section, select Assignment 1, browse the word file (with .docx or .doc extension) from your file system, and click the upload button.

4.    The system only accepts files with .doc or .docx extensions, so don’t try to upload a zipped file!!!

5.    If you want to change the uploaded file, you can upload your assignment to the system again. In that case, your old submission will be discarded.


IS100 Midterm exam will be held on April 5 between 12:05 – 12:25 PM (at noon). The exam will be held on ODTUClass, it will take 20 minutes only. You will be taking your midterm exam in your own home, own computers.

Please note that only the students who got more than 6 points from at least one of the first six quizzes are allowed to take the exam.

In case of any cheating situationyou will directly go to the discipline. We will not tolerate you, and also your friend who you communicate with.

You can see your exam places and exam links via ODTUClass.

You have to click on the suitable exam session in ODTUClass, and you will start your exam. System will activate the exams only when the time comes. So at the beginning, you will see the exam links blurred. When the time exactly will be 12:05 PM, the exam link will be activated; please click the link (or refresh the page) and take the midterm exam according to your exam session number.

About IS100 Course

This is an online course and all sections are online sections. There are no defined class hours. 

To get attendance grade, you have to complete a Quiz (Test-Yourself) every week. You need to get at least 6 points from the quiz in order to get a participation grade for the week.  

You are responsible for following the course announcements and assignments on this page.

For your questions about the course, please check page, where you can find the answers to common questions. If your question has already been answered in the FAQ section, you will not get an answer, please be aware.

If you cannot find an answer, please ask your questions using the IS100 Homework Panel. See page if you don’t know how to use the IS100 Homework Panel.


  • 30% - Midterm
  • 35% - Final
  • 25% - Assignment 1 + Assignment 2
  • 10% - Weekly quizzes

You need to collect at least 60 points in order to pass the course.

Most students fail the course within a margin of 10 points. So, please remember that quizzes and assignments make a big difference.


** For students that are in CEIT departments, those who started METU after and including 2007 are NOT required to take the course.

** For students that are in ECE, ESE and EME departments, those who started METU after and including 2015 are NOT required to take the course.

** For students that are in FLE, CHED, MHED and PHED departments, those who started METU after and including 2018 are NOT required to take the course.

Sorularınız için lütfen önce FAQ about IS100 sayfasına bakınız.

Eğer orada açıklanmayan sorularınız varsa IS100 Ödev Paneli aracılığıyla sorularınızı iletebilirsiniz. 

Ödev panelinin nasıl çalıştığı ile ilgili bilgiye adresinden ulaşabilirsiniz.

(HelpDesk ve telefon desteği, dersler başladıktan sonra aktif olmaktadır. Etkileşimli kayıt döneminde helpdesk ve telefon hattı açık değildir.) (Helpdesk is closed due to the precautions of COVID-19)

IS100 Helpdesk Çalışma Saatleri



Öğrenci Paneli



B Block, B-103

0312 2103739

Sorularınız mümkün olan en kısa sürede cevaplanmaktadır.

Enformatik Enstitüsü idari personelinin konu hakkında bilgisi ve yetkisi bulunmamaktadır. Sorular sadece IS100 Ödev Paneli veya HelpDesk aracılığı ile cevaplanacaktır.

Course Code: 9010100

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