IS100 Midterm will be held on April 7-8. There will be multiple sessions during these days, each student will attend only one session.  

Exam day, time and place will be announced within the exam week.  



Course Code: 9010100

  • All sections are online sections.
  • You cannot drop the course if you took it before and failed/dropped.
  • Different sections have different registration criteria, please find the section that matches with your department and year. Otherwise, system may not allow you to add the course.
  • All announcements about the course will be delivered via e-mail and ODTUClass.
  • Weekly quizzes will start in the add-drop week.
  • To check course sections and criteria; you can use following link and choose 'Information Systems' Department:   


All the sections of IS100 Course are online sections!!

Students have to complete weekly online quizzes to get a participation grade. There is no defined class hours, no attendance required.


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Eğer orada açıklanmayan sorularınız varsa adresine mail atarak iletebilir, hafta içi 13:30-16:30 arası 0312 210 37 39 numaralı telefonu arayabilir ya da Enformatik Enstitüsü B-103 IS100 Help Desk odasını ziyaret edebilirsiniz.

(HelpDesk ve telefon desteği, dersler başladıktan sonra aktif olmaktadır. Etkileşimli kayıt döneminde helpdesk ve telefon hattı açık değildir.)

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Enformatik Enstitüsü idari personelinin konu hakkında bilgisi ve yetkisi bulunmamaktadır. Sorular sadece mail veya HelpDesk aracılığı ile cevaplanacaktır.

Course Code: 9010100


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