How The Course Will Be Conducted

How the Course Will Be Conducted?

This course will be given via ODTUClass e-learning environment where all teaching materials will be available online. Every registered student needs to login ODTUClass to reach these materials. Teaching materials consist of:

  • Notes
  • Presentations
  • Demonstrations
  • Simulations
  • Exercises
  • Reference resources

There are two types of sections, namely; face-to-face (there are no face-to-face sections until further notice due to COVID-19) and and online. In the online sections, students are responsible for following the course from ODTUClass and studying the materials themselves. In the face-to-face sections, the course is conducted in classroom. For face-to-face sections, there are two class hours a week and attendance is compulsory. The students who are registered to a face-to-face section have to attend 75% of all classes. During the classes, assistants explain general concepts and emphasize important points using interactive presentations. There are also class activities to consolidate the subjects. However, not every subject is mentioned during the class. Students are responsible for all contents included in the teaching materials, thus, they must study the presentations and other teaching materials in detail after the lectures.

Online students are expected to study the course materials themselves. Instead of attendance, students have to complete weekly quizzes in online sections. They are also required to do the assignments and attend to the exams in order to be successful at the course.

Our expectations;

  • Be interactive
  • Listen!
  • Ask questions during class
  • Use ODTUClass
  • Study on time
  • Do the exercises provided online
  • Use simulations and demonstrations
  • Follow the announcements
  • If you miss a lecture, you have to catch up on your own

In order to pass this course, students have to obtain at least 60 points. During the term, there are two exams (Midterm and Final), and two assignments (MS Word and Excel).

Coursework will be weighted for Face to Face sections as follows:

  • Midterm exam grade: 30%
  • Final exam grade: 35%
  • Assignments grade: 25%
  • Attendance: 10%

Coursework will be weighted for Online sections as follows:

  • Midterm exam grade: 30%
  • Final exam grade: 35%
  • Assignments grade: 25%
  • Test Your Self (quizzes): 10%

For your questions, please check the FAQ About IS100 page.