How The Course Will Be Conducted

This course will be given via the ODTÜClass e-learning environment, where all teaching materials will be available online. Every registered student needs to log in ODTUClass to reach these materials. Teaching materials consist of the following:

  • Notes
  • Presentations
  • Demonstrations
  • Simulations
  • Exercises
  • Reference resources

There are only online sections. In the online sections, students are responsible for following the course from ODTUClass and studying the materials themselves. 

Online students are expected to study the course materials themselves. Instead of attendance, students have to complete weekly quizzes in online sections. They are also required to do the assignments and attend the exams to succeed in the course.

Our expectations;

  • Use ODTUClass
  • Study on time
  • Do the exercises provided online
  • Use simulations and demonstrations
  • Follow the announcements

To pass this course, students have to obtain at least 60 points. During the term, there are two exams (Midterm and Final) and two assignments (MS Word and Excel).

Coursework will be weighted for Online sections as follows:

  • Midterm exam grade: 30%
  • Final exam grade: 35%
  • Assignments grade: 25%
  • Test Yourself (quizzes): 12%

For your questions, please visit the IS100 Frequently Asked Questions page.