Graduate Awards

Thesis Award

Application Deadline: January 09, 2023

Purpose: The aim of the development of thesis topics is to take into account the culture and perspectives and, as a complementary METU, basically research and development.

Within the scope of this award;

For publication September 25, 2020 - September 25, 2022

For other categories September 10, 2021 - September 25, 2022

Master's and doctoral theses that can be evaluated are evaluated.

The application is made to the relevant Institute by the thesis owner/thesis manager.

1. Enfor, the Yearly Institute (EE) thesis is given to him in the Spring semester of the year. Applications for candidacy were not made directly to EE.

2. It is given to the thesis that is suitable for one or more of the theses that are suitable for you for the Informatics Institute.

Contribution to scientific development,

Contribution to technological development,

contribution to society and education,

To develop the environment, health, economy and improvement,

Publication/work Award.

3. The thesis to be applied for the Award (excluding the Publication Scholarship) must have been completed within one year, and the theses to be applied for the Publication Award must have been completed within the last two years. The dates between which theses can be nominated are announced by EE each year.

4. The application requirements for the EE thesis awards are:

Completion of a Master's or PhD thesis in one of the EABD's within METU EE

    i. The thesis must be submitted and approved to EE. Applications from theses that have been submitted to the jury but have not yet been submitted to EE will not be evaluated.

   ii. It is not necessary for the student to have received his/her diploma or exit certificate.

Theses can only be nominated by the thesis advisor or the student. Approval of the student and the thesis advisor is required for candidacy (e-mail confirmation by peer advisors located outside of Ankara is sufficient).

The thesis advisor must be METU Academic staff. Assistant thesis advisor may be from an institution or organization other than METU.

Applications made after the announced application deadline will not be accepted.

The documents specified in Article 5 must be submitted for the application. No additional time is given for the completion of missing documents.

Candidate theses must not have received an EE thesis award before.

In the event that ethical problems related to the thesis and publications arising from the thesis are detected, the candidate thesis is not evaluated. After the award is given, the award given to the theses that are proven to have ethical problems is withdrawn.

The graduate (the student who did the thesis) should not have received any disciplinary punishment related to academic issues, and should not have received a penalty other than warning and reprimand other than academic issues.

5. For application, it is necessary to fill in the following forms completely and apply to EE before the announced date:

Form A: Thesis award application form

Form B: Letter explaining why the thesis advisor has nominated the thesis

Form C: Student's CV

Form D: Extended summary in English of up to 2000 words prepared by the student. Extended abstract should be prepared according to the spelling rules specified in the appendix.

A hardcover and signed copy of the thesis (will be returned to the thesis advisor/student at the end of the evaluation process)

Form E: Publications arising from the thesis

i. The first page of the articles (the publication address, the names of the authors, the institutions of the authors and the abstract should appear)

ii. The first page of the congress/conference papers/summaries (the address of the publication, the names of the authors, the institutions of the authors and the summary should be visible) and the tag of the book of the paper (the name and date of the congress, the date of publication and the name of the editor should appear). For printed abstracts in electronic media, the address of the relevant web page must be found.

iii. Brochure/poster and participation/invitation document showing the organization for exhibitions/fair presentations

iv. For the book and the chapters in the book, a copy of the pages showing the name of the book, the tag, if any, the name of the editor, and a photocopy of the first page if the chapter is in the book (with the title of the chapter and the names of the authors visible)

v. If a patent has been issued for patents, the first page of the patent (the name of the patent, its authors and institutions, its number and from which institution should be visible), in case of application, a document confirming the application (in this document, the names of the authors and institutions, the name of the patent institution should be included).

The publications to be submitted for the award must be published or accepted for publication. For accepted publications, proof of acceptance must be submitted. The publications that are being prepared, presented and in the process of evaluation are not accepted.

vi. Undergraduate or graduate students, who contributed to the publications of the student (except for the thesis), registered at METU or another university, can have the names of researchers other than the thesis and assistant thesis advisor. During the applications, the names of other students and researchers (excluding the thesis and assistant thesis advisor) should be marked and the contribution rates of these people to the publication should be written by the main researcher (if the main researcher is a student, the thesis advisor). In addition, using this publication, the thesis advisor should declare whether an application for a thesis award has been made for another student before and whether the award has been received.