Graduate Awards

Thesis Award

Application Deadline: April 30,2021

Aim: To contribute to the world of culture and thought in our country and to increase the research power of our country as METU (Supplement 4 Application Form).

 This award is given to 16 theses (8 MSc and 8 PhD) which have been found successful in the thesis defense till the end of academic calendar (starting from November of previous year, till the end of October of current year) according to the committee decisions and a final assessment made by the Council of Institute Heads to those theses:

a) Which contribute to the economical, social and spatial development of the country (3 theses)

b) Which  develop a new product or method that will contribute to human health, safety and prosperity experimentally or theoretically(4 theses)

c) Which  contribute to the world of culture and thought in our country (3 theses)

d) Which integrates theory with pracatice (2 theses)

e) Which have the potential of international scientific publication (4 theses)

Categories through (a)-(e), and the number of MSc and PhD theses stated for each category  are recommendatory. Articles published in international journals or patents or reports presented at International Congresses/printed at Congress booklets or articles published in national refreed journals,  or reports presented at National Congresses/printed at  National Congress booklets can give theses priority.

METU Publication Award

 Aim is to yield thesis study topics heard and used in the world of science. Support** for attending to an international congress for a report/poster presentation is given to graduate students(being admitted is sufficient) who publish an article in a foreign journal* from their theses during MSc/PhD.

*For international publications of “full paper published in a peer reviewed journal covered by SCI, SSCI, AHCI core list” type defined by the codes and found in the activities list entitled “Annual Performance Assessment Scheme and Minimum University requirements for an Academic Position” (ÜYK 29.02.2000 date and 2000/5-10 attachment decree)

** Those who get support for travel abroad from one of ODTÜ-ÖYP, ODTÜ-BAP, ODTÜ-YUUP, DPT during graduate education cannot apply. Nature of the awards is determined by Council of Institute Heads each year.

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