Important Dates & Programs Opened to Application

Applications to graduate programs for the 2021-2022 Fall Semester will be between April 26 2021 and June 25 2021 via OİBS(Student Affairs Information System).



Programs that accept student applications for fall semester of 2021-2022 Academic Year



· Cognitive Science (Ph.D.)

· Cognitive Science (M.S with Non-Thesis)

· Information Systems (Integrated Ph.D.)

· Information Systems (Ph.D.)

· Information Systems (M.S with Thesis)

· Information Systems (M.S with Non-Thesis)

· Cybersecurity (M.S with Non-Thesis)

· Software Management Second Education Program (M.S with Non-Thesis)

· Medical Informatics (Ph.D.)

· Medical Informatics (M.S with Non-Thesis)

· Bioinformatics (M.S with Thesis)

· Multimedia Informatics (Ph.D.)

· Multimedia Informatics (M.S with Thesis)

· Data Informatics (M.S with Thesis)