Medical Informatics M.S/Ph.D. (offered by Health Informatics Department)


Today, worldwide healthcare is in transition as the world is aging and the global population is increasing, and the demands are rising. Medical Informatics offer solutions in variety of areas such as management of chronic diseases, providing access to qualified healthcare professional for all, decreasing cost and errors. Medical Informatics Programs provide training and research opportunities in Health Information and Decision Support Systems, Medical Image Analysis and Cognitive Neuroscience. Overall goal of our programs are to provide new healthcare models and ICT solutions needed for easy access to low-cost, high-quality healthcare, and to support clinicians implement evidence based and personalized medicine approaches.

Medical Informatics Research Areas

  • Electronic Health Records and Standards
  • Medical Imaging and Diagnostic Instrumentation
  • Decision Support Systems and Computer Aided Diagnosis
  • Evaluation Methods in Health Informatics
  • Clinical Informatics and Hospital Information Systems
  • Telemedicine and Mobile Applications
  • Health Informatics (HI) Education
  • Computational Neuroscience
  • Security, Ethics and Privacy
  • Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery in HeaIth Informatics
 Ongoing Research at METU Health Informatics 
  • Medical Informatics Glossary Work Group
  • METU Neuro Lab
  • NEURO Cognitive Neuroscience and Neuroimaging Lab
  • MedImage Medical Image Analysis Lab
  • Clinical Informatics
  • Mobile Health


M.S. in Medical Informatics

Medical Informatics Department offers a master program for students. This program also provides interdisciplinary training and obligates specialization in one of the four tracks: 

  • Hospital/Health Information Systems and Clinical Informatics,
  • Medical Image/Signal Analysis,
  • Medical Decision Support,
  • Neuroscience. 

Scientific Preparation Courses

  • CENG 230 : C Programming Language
  • BIS 605/STAT 462: Biostatistics

Ph.D in Medical Informatics

The Ph.D. Program in Medical Informatics aims to train academicians / researchers, to do inter-disciplinary scientific research, and to bring together the researchers from a multitude of disciplines in Medical Informatics field. Students should choose one of the tracks and complete the offered courses for each track. Specialization Areas in the program are: 

  • Hospital/Health Information Systems and Clinical Informatics
  • Medical Image/Signal Analysis
  • Medical Decision Support
  • Neuroscience
  • Bioinformatics
Scientific Preparation Courses
  • CENG 230 : C Programming Language
  • BIS 605/STAT 462: Biostatistics

By the end of the first year, all students have to choose one of the 5 specialization areas. In order to graduate, students must take three core courses, ten elective courses, one non-credit seminar course and write a Ph.D. thesis.

Program Courses

Course Credits
MIN 502 3
MIN 545 3
MIN 528 3
MIN 699 (THESIS) 0

Medical Informatics Faculty Members

  • Doç.Dr. Yeşim Aydin Son (Chair of Health Informatics)
  • Doç.Dr. Tolga Özkurt (Medical Informatics Program Coordinator)
  • Prof.Dr.Ünal Erkan Mumcuoğlu
  • Doç.Dr.Rengül Atalay
  • Yard.Doç.Dr. Aybar Can Acar
  • Yard.Doç.Dr. Didem Gökçay
  • Yard.Doç.Nurcan Tunçbağ


Core Courses:

MIN 502 Introduction to Medical Informatics
MIN 528  Fundamentals Mathematics for Information Systems
MIN 545 Object Oriented Programming and Data Structures
MIN 599 Master Thesis (Must For Thesis)
MIN 589 Term Project (Must for Non-Thesis)
MIN 699  PhD Thesis

Technical Elective Courses:

MIN 503 Electronic Health Records and Coding
MIN 505 Neuroimaging: Anatomy, Physiology and Function of the
MIN 506 Advanced Neuroimaging with Magnetic Resonance Imaging
MIN 524 Medical Imaging Techniques
MIN 530 Medical Image Analysis
MIN 533 Brain Dynamics and Oscillations
MIN 535 Biological Signal Analysis
MIN 537 Neural Networks for Biomedical Applications
MIN 701 Networking for Health Information Systems and Telehealth
MIN 702 Evaluation Methods in Health Informatics
MIN 703 Medical Imaging Applications
MIN 704  Reasoning Under Uncertainty
MIN 710 Database Applications For Medical Informatics
MIN 711 Advanced Topics in Medical Image Analysis
MIN 715 Future Studies for Healthcare
MIN 717  Mobile Health
MIN 720  Pattern Classification for Bio-Medical Applications

Course List


Applicants holding (or who will have held before the start of the applied academic term) a bachelor’s degree (BA or BS) may apply to a Master’s program.

Applicants holding (or who will have held before the start of the applied academic term) a Master’s degree may apply to the PhD program.

 The applications will be evaluated after examination of the related documents. Applicants are responsible for the submission of all documents required by the department. Incomplete applications or applications that do not meet the program requirements will not be taken into consideration.

Applicants should take the ODTÜ İYS (English Qualification Exam), IELTS or TOEFL and ALES ( Graduate Exam) exams before the application date.  Foreign students should take IELTS or TOEFL and GRE or GMAT according to the department requirements.

Exams Minimum Score
GPA 2.4
TOEFL (CBT / IBT) 213 / 79
ALES / GRE(New-Old)

75 / 156-713

Important note 1: GRE exam score is accepted for Turkish students.


Health and Medical Informatics offer very broad and diverse employment opportunities. Public and private sectors, and academic institutions are in immediate need of graduates of this program. Some examples are information technology companies developing/supporting software, the IT-management and quality management departments of all hospitals and health providers, clinical managers, health insurance firms, nursing services management, city health offices and many other health organizations. In addition, various projects supported by international financial firms need specialists from this field. Government based Social Security institutions are also potential employers of such specialists.


Contact for Admissions

Mr. Hakan Güler | Admissions Office | Tel: 03122103743 | email: