Students should understand the procedures described below and follow the appropriate steps.

  • First year students have to take IS100 course in the regular semester indicated in the table below unless they have already obtained an "EX" grade in a proficiency exam earlier. Before the interactive registration period, IS100 course is automatically added to the registered course list of the students who have not passed the course yet. They are registered to online classes.

  • The students who are in their second, third or fourth grade should register and complete the course as soon as possible.

Note that only first year students are allowed to drop the course to take it in the following semesters. Students that have finished their first year and have not received an "EX" or "S" grade will be registered to the IS100 course every semester until they pass it, and they will not be allowed to drop the course. Thus, it is recommended for students to complete the course immediately.

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Regular Semester

Faculty of Engineering

All Departments

First year, first semester (fall)

Faculty of Economics and Adm. Sciences

All Departments

Faculty of Architecture


City and Regional Planning

Faculty of Architecture

Industrial Design

First year, second semester (spring)

Faculty of Education

Physics Education,

Chemistry Education,

Mathematics Education,

Foreign Language Education (FLE and TEFL)


Early Childhood Education** Elementary Science Education**

Elementary Mathematics Education** 

Faculty of Arts and Sciences

All Departments

** For students that are in ECE, ESE and EME departments, those who started METU after and including 2015 are NOT required to take the course. 

 Registration Guide for IS100 Classes

The following steps are suggested for all students who have not yet registered to IS100 or those who want to change their section.