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October 1, 2020

IS100 Introduction to Information Technologies and its Applications is a non-credit but mandatory course that all METU students have to take during their education at METU. New METU students who pass the English Proficiency Exam (EPE) and obtain 1st year standing can be exempt from the course by taking the IS100 Proficiency Exam on October 1 and scoring at least 60/100.

New METU students can apply online to take the IS100 Proficiency Exam right after the EPE results are announced. The online registrations will be  closed on September 30 at 17:00. Note that there is a very limited time for IS100 Proficiency Exam registration.

Please check your student e-mails (metu-mails) on an hourly basis on September 24th. The students who are eligible to take the IS100 Proficiency exam will be notified via metu-mail and they need to apply immediately.

For further information and registration please check the following website:

To prepare for the exam, you may use the lecture slides at the above website.

About IS100 May Proficiency Exam

 (IS100 September Proficiency Exam will be held on October 1, 2020. The students who are eligible to take the IS100 September Proficiency exam will be notified via their student metu-mails. Please check your metu-mails and IS100 website regularly.)

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The May Proficiency Exam will be held on September 14, Monday at 15:30. UNFORTUNATELY, YOU CANNOT CHOOSE OR CHANGE YOUR EXAM HOUR.


•          To check your exam session, go to the link


·                 Login to ODTUClass, go to the course “IS100 May Proficiency Exam” and click on “Exam Places” document on the course page (It is there, look carefully.) You can find your exam session with a simple CTRL+F command and typing your student ID.


•          For more information, see:

Study material:




Only the Preparatory School students of the following departments on the 2019-2020 Spring Semester can take May proficiency exam:

Faculty of Engineering – All Departments,

Faculty of Economics and Adm. Sciences - All Departments,


City and Regional Planning.


·                 Students who took IS100 before cannot take the proficiency exam.

·                 For students that are in ECE, ESE and EME departments, those who started METU after and including 2015 are NOT required to take the course.

·                 For students that are in FLE, CHED, MHED and PHED departments, those who started METU after and including 2018 are NOT required to take the course.

·                 For students that are in CEIT departments, those who started METU after and including 2007 are NOT required to take the course.


If you are a transfer student; send an e-mail to until Sept 11, 13.00 with the subject “Transfer Student – May Prof. Application”. Transfer students whose applications are accepted will be notified via e-mail on Sept 12, after 16.00. After you received the e-mail, you should check your exam session via ODTUClass. Do not forget to state your student number in the mail.


You can find all information related with proficiency exam in the following link:

Also; nearly all of the questions asked via e-mail are already answered in FAQ:


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