Umut Şener, Development of a Maturity Index for Digital Transformation in Organizations

Ph.D. Candidate: Umut Şener
Program: Information Systems
Date: 22.01.2024 / 14:30
Place: II-06

Abstract: Organizations aim to maximize the benefits of digital transformation (DX) by deploying connected, intelligent, and self-governed systems that leverage diverse technologies, such as the Internet of Things (IoT). In order to stay competitive and succeed in the market, they need to evaluate their organizational DX maturity. Maturity structures, such as maturity index, provide a systematic and structured approach for evaluating maturity and benchmarking with other organizations. However, the literature review reveals limitations in existing DX maturity structures, including restricted public access, insufficient granularity, reliance on domain experts, and subjectivity in assessment, indicating a research gap. To address this gap, this thesis introduces a novel DX maturity index called DX-MI, using design science research. The DX-MI is a self-diagnostic tool that helps organizations measure their DX maturity and guides them toward achieving higher levels of maturity. The tool has a hierarchical structure that includes dimensions, sub-dimensions, and measurement instruments, all underpinned by an assessment approach grounded in evidence or objective quantifiable metrics. Additionally, it employs the Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) to determine the weights of its components, resulting in a more accurate measurement. Multiple case studies were conducted to check the applicability and usability of the DX-MI. The results indicate that it provides a rigorous and practical methodology for measuring DX maturity in organizations.