Comments from IS Graduates

Anıl Üstün (IS MSc Graduate – Researcher)

I got my M.Sc. in Information Systems degree in 2007. During the two-year education period in one of the best and most established universities in Turkey, I had the opportunity to cover the gaps in my background which had occurred since I came from a different scientific discipline. In Informatics Institute, I was able to take courses from both the academicians and industrial experts. In this way, I had the chance to discuss the current problems in the research area with a highly-qualified faculty and to obtain information on how to solve these problems. I recommend the Information Systems graduate programs for the people who desire to reach their goals either for a career or to be knowledgeable.

Burcu Akman (IS MSc Graduate – Senior Software Engineer)

Information System graduate program played the key-role to plan my career with its wide application areas and different perspectives and benefits it brought. Although my undergraduate education was in a different scientific discipline, this program gave me a strong background in areas such as data mining, image processing, management information systems and software engineering. With its open-minded and dynamic faculty, Information Systems graduate program will give you an opportunity to become an expert in any area you wish and will help you to shape your future.

Davut İncebacak (IS MSc Graduate – IS PhD student)

The most distinguished property of Information Systems Department is the fact that it brings together faculty members and graduate students with different expertise. In this way, you are able to recognize different aspects of a problem and have an overall view. Moreover you can think the department as a family. You can always find a faculty member to share your problems and it is possible to be together with the faculty in different activities other than the academic studies.

Yalın Baştanlar (IS MSc Graduate – IS PhD student)

I think it is a big advantage to pursue graduate studies in Informatics Institute for people planning an academic career, since the Institute was founded to be able to merge academic studies from different disciplines. Information Systems graduate programs offer a wide range of research areas to the student to select. Different backgrounds and points of views of faculty members, increasing laboratory facilities and research infrastructure of METU enable to conduct scientific research that is comparable to that of leading institutions in the world.