Information about Informatics Online MS Program

About Informatics Online

Informatics Online is an online graduate program which is offered by the METU Informatics Institute. It is accepted by YÖK as a regular METU Master of Science program like other graduate programs.


Program Description and Degree Requirements

Courses will cover fundamental and current concepts of information technology and systems in depth. Individual students will be required to complete an applied project and present it in a seminar (on campus).

The program is categorized as a "non-thesis MS" and will be held as a "second program", in which course participation will be exclusively through the Internet. Personal appearance of students on campus will be required for once two times in each term (one is at the beginning and the other is at the end of the term.). Details of these meetings will be announced accordingly.

Students are expected to complete the program in 6 terms (at most). Course requirements are as follows:

  • 5 core courses (3 credits each)
  • 5 elective courses (3 credits each)
  • Term Project (1 term, non-credit)
  • Graduate Seminar (1 term, non-credit)


Language of Instruction

Language of instruction will be English.


Assessment Criteria

Performance of the students will be evaluated according to the results of the final exams and self-tests administered on the web, as well as homework and projects and contribution to chats, seminars and forums.


What kind of equipment you will need?

A PC and an Internet connection are sufficient to attend the program.


What can you do to improve your learning?

    • It is a student centered program which requires self-motivation and responsibility. You need to spend the same amount of time for a course compared to its traditional counterparts, except that you do this from a distance and at times you found suitable.
    • The interactivity is the most important asset of this kind of education, so you should follow and contribute to all discussions using the collaboration tools available.
    • Links to related subjects for each course are very important for you to follow what is going on around the world. You can also find your own links to go into depths of the subject matter.
    • You should follow up your own improvements in the course by checking your grades, etc.




Program coordinator

Erhan Eren


Full Time Faculty Members

Ali Arifoğlu
Nazife Baykal  
Aysu Betin Can
Onur Demirörs
Altan Koçyiğit
Erkan Mumcuoğlu
Sevgi Özkan
Tuğba Taşkaya Temizel
Alptekin Temizel
Yasemin Yardımcı Çetin

Contributors from other Departments

Ferda N. Alpaslan / Dept. of Computer Eng. 
Semih Bilgen / Dept. of. Electrical and Electronics Eng. 
Uğur Halıcı / Dept. of. Electrical and Electronics Eng.  
Sinan Kayalıgil / Dept. of Industrial Eng.
Kemal Leblebicioğlu / Dept. of. Electrical and Electronics Eng.  
Zeynep Onay / Dept. of. Business Administration  


Contributors from Industry

Murat Erten / Innova  
Nusret Güçlü / TNS  
Erhan Gökçay / Havelsan
Mehmet Cüneyt Üvey / YKB