Cognitive Science MS Program


The Cognitive Science Department at METU Informatics Institute offers an MS degree in Cognitive Science. The MS program provides an interdisciplinary training in Cognitive Science, in which the students should take courses from each of the four tracks of the program; i.e. Computer Science, Linguistics, Philosophy and Psychology. (Track information for the courses can be found in Master Course List here.) In order to enable students to have a strong and sufficient background for the program, three must courses, namely COGS 501 Linguistics and Formal Languages , COGS 502 Logic and Programming and COGS 503 Introduction to Cognitive Science are offered. Requirements for a MS degree in Cognitive Science Program consist of taking four restricted electives, three free electives, one seminar course and completing a Master’s Thesis. The seminar courses provide students with perspectives on different research areas and recent investigations in Cognitive Science. All courses at the Cognitive Science Department are very intensive and provide individually-centered training with relatively low numbers of students, usually ranging from 6-16 students.


Students must take COGS 501 - Linguistics and Formal Languages, COGS 502 - Logic and Programming and COGS 503 - Introduction to Cognitive Science courses. Students who have their undergraduate degree from Computer Science are exempted from COGS 502. Students with other undergraduate degrees who believe that they can be exempted from this course because of their knowledge of the content of the course must see the course instructor. Those students who are granted exemption from must courses must take an extra elective for each course replaced as such.


Students should take at least one restricted elective from each track. All courses are offered by METU, except where noted.


MS Degree Requirements


  • 2 must courses (3 credits each)
  • 1 must course (1 credit)
  • 4 COGS courses (one from each track; 3 credits each) (If a student holds a
    degree in Cognitive Science, the track constraint does not apply)
  • 3 electives (either from elective list or COGS list, 3 credits each)
  • 1 seminar course (non-credit)
  • Master's Thesis (non-credit)