Presentations and Notes



Week 1: Introduction to information and computer literacy (presentation, video, Activity 1: How to unzip a file, Activity 2)

Week 2: Computer Basics (presentation, video)

Week 3: Human Computer Interaction (presentation, video)

Week 4: File and Directory Management (presentation, video)

Week 5: Basic Networking and Digital Information Resources (presentation, video part 1, video part 2, Activity 5)

Week 6: Web Site Assessment, Computer Ethics and Academic Integrity  (presentation, video)

Week 7: Word Processing (presentation, video part 1, video part 2, video part 3)

Week 8: Data Analysis and Microsoft Office Excel - Part I (presentation, video)

Week 9: Data Analysis and Microsoft Office Excel - Part II (presentation, video)

Week 10-1: Effective Presentation (presentation)

Week 10-2: PowerPoint Presentation (presentation, video)

Week 11: Computer Maintenance, Security and Problem Solving (presentation, video)

Week 12: Multimedia (presentation, video)



IS100 Course Notes are comprehensive lecture notes prepared by compiling several resources to teach topics in detail. They are made available for registered students during the term. Notes can be considered as textbook of the course and students are responsible from all contents included in them.