Medical Informatics Department Interview Results

As a result of the interviews for Medical Informatics Department M.S. and Ph.D. Programs 2018-2019 Fall Semester, the names of students who are accepted into the programs are listed below.

For our accepted students, there will be an orientation meeting before the interactive registration. The place and date of the meeting will be anounced later in our web page.


Sinem Demirkaya Budak (Deficiency Program)

Babür Erdem (Deficiency Program)

Selin Girgin (Deficiency Program)

Serkan Karadağ (Deficiency Program)

Celal Oğuz Özdemir (Deficiency Program)

Alperen Taciroğlu

Bengü Ruken Yavuz


Nebi Cihan Boydaş (Deficiency Program)

Ayşe Özdemir (Deficiency Program)

Sevda Rafatov (Deficiency Program)

Mehmet Tunahan Sarıoğlu (Deficiency Program)

Engin Tekin (Deficiency Program)