FAQs on Software Management MS Program

Question 1:

Can I submit my English Examination score report after application?

Answer 1:

No. You have to submit your English Examination score report in the course of application.

Question 2:

Can I replace the courses that I took in another program?

Answer 2:

Graduate students who have attended to a graduate program in METU or another university can apply to be exempted from the equivalent courses, which they have taken and passed in their previous programs. These students should write a petition addressing to their department and along with their official transcript, submit it to the Department Chair, during the first semester, in which they have been accepted to METU. Courses that are accepted for exemption by the Administrative Committee of the concerned Graduate School will be given “non-credit” status and will not be included in the computation of the CGPA. The graduate courses, that have been taken in METU as a special or regular student or in conditional program, are counted to CGPA and semester GPA if exempted.

Question 3:

Can I start the program in the Spring term?

Answer 3:

Yes. You can apply in both spring Term and Fall term.

Question 4:

Can I take courses online?

Answer 4:

Yes. You can take courses from the ION program.

Question 5:

What will be the content of the Term Project?

Answer 5:

The students are expected to prepare either a theoratical study and presentation or application program, report and presentation.

Question 6:

Who may apply?

Answer 6:

The program is interdisciplinary and students from all disciplines can apply.

Question 7:

What is the amount of tuition fee per credit?

Answer 7:

The amount of tuition fee per credit hour is determined at the beginning of every semester.

Question 8:

Can I take courses from SM program as a special student? Is it possible to replace courses that I took as a special student if and when I am accepted to the program?

Answer 8:

Yes. You can take courses as a special student and you can replace these courses when you are accepted.

Question 9:

Can I take elective courses from IS program?

Answer 9:

No, you can?t. You can only take courses from non-thesis programs.

Question 10:

I am an IS student. Can I take courses from SM program?

Answer 10:

Yes, you can. SM students have priority for SM courses; You should take the approval of the instructor of the course AND you should have taken the prerequisite courses for the course that you want to take. You can take the course if the course capacity is suitable after the add-drop date.

Question 11:

How many terms can I use to complete the program?

Answer 11:

You should complete the program in three terms, excluding the terms spent for the deficiency courses.

Question 12:

How do I have the advisor approval?

Answer 12:

After you have agreed on the courses with your advisor, if you can not come to the school, you could send your name and METU password to musalman@metu.edu.tr for approval. You should make sure to check the approval status and contact your advisor during his/her office hours.

Question 13:

Which courses should I take for the first semester?

Answer 13:

We suggest you to take core or software elective courses in your first semester after the deficiency courses. Please check the prerequisites of the courses.

Question 14:

Can I take courses in summer term?

Answer 14:

Although we try to offer courses in summer terms, we may not be able to open courses systematically; therefore it is suggested to plan as if courses will not be offered in summer terms.
Question 15:

How many courses should I take to satisfy the degree requirements?

Answer 15:

You should take at least 10 (ten) courses besides deficiency courses, Term Project and Graduate Seminar. 2 (two) of these courses are core and 8 (eight) are elective. At least 5 (five) of the elective courses should be software elective and the remaining 3 (three) can be software elective or software domain elective.


Question 16:

How and when should I take the Term Project? 

Answer 16:

You should take Term Project at latest in your last term in order to get a degree in SM program. You should also take Graduate Seminar in the same term you take Term Project. 


Question 17:

What are the core, software elective and software domain elective courses that I can take in SM program? 

Answer 17:

Deficiency Courses

SM 503 Object Oriented Software Development
SM 561 Introduction to Software Engineering


Core Courses (all should be taken)
SM 502 Software Management
SM 504 Team Software Project (should be taken after SM 502 and SM 503 are taken)
SM 892 Special Studies (should be taken each semester after 6 courses (or 18 credits) are taken in total)
SM 590 Graduate Seminar (non-credit, should be taken in the same term SM 589 is taken)
SM 589 Term Project (non-credit)
Software Elective Courses (at least 5 should be taken)
SM 501 Personal Software Process
SM 511 Software Process Improvement
SM 512 OOP and Data Structures
SM 514 Introduction to Software Testing 
SM 515 Software Verification and Validation 
SM 516 Component Based Software Production 
SM 517 Software Metrics 
SM 518 Real-time Software Development 
SM 519 Software Acquisition 
SM 520 Research Methods in Software Engineering 
SM 521 Software Requirements Engineering 
SM 523 Software Design Patterns (recommended to be taken after SM 503 is taken)
SM 525 Software Product Line Management
SM 526 Secure Software Development
SM 528 Software Architecture
SM 547 Model-Based Systems Engineering
SM 702 Behavioral Aspects of Software Development: Peopleware 
Software Domain Elective Courses (up to 3 could be taken)
SM 527 Security Engineering
SM 530 Social Network Analysis
SM 541 Instructional Software Construction 
SM 542 Multimedia and Web Engineering 
SM 546 Contemporary Database Management Systems
SM 548 Computer Systems for Programmers 
SM 549 IT Governance
SM 563 Business Process Management
SM 701 Contemporary Issues in Business 
Selected ION, MODSIM, EM, CENG, SE, MBA Courses