Oğuzcan Ergün, Developing Building Information Modelling Based Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality Environments for Architectural Design and Improving User Interactions with Serious Games

M.S. Candidate: Oğuzcan Ergün
Program: Multimedia Informatics
Date: 29.08.2019 / 16:00
Place: A-212

Abstract: Virtual Reality (VR) provides an interactive experience for its users in a fully artificial computer-simulated environment while Mixed Reality (MR) forms environments by mixing the real world and the virtual world elements together. In the first part of this thesis, an architectural visualization and design tool, which is based on Building Information Modeling (BIM), is developed for VR, MR and personal computer (PC) environments. BIM provides detailed information and tools to professionals so that they can develop and manage buildings and infrastructures efficiently. In the second part of this thesis, two tutorial-like serious games, based on VR and MR environments, are developed to improve the users’ overall experience and to ease the user interactions in virtual environments. The developed tool and the serious games were tested by architects and game developers, and were evaluated from presence, usability, and technology acceptance perspectives. The results show that both the tool and the serious games were perceived positively in terms of beforementioned aspects and their usage in BIM-based models for VR and MR environments can enhance the design workflow in architectural design.