Ozan Emirhan Bayyurt, Designing and Implementing a Game Development Framework for Interactive Stories and Role Playing Games

M.S. Candidate: Ozan Emirhan Bayyurt

Program: Multimedia Informatics

Date: 23.07.2019 10:00

Place: Computer Engineering Building A-105

Abstract: Video games are a great medium for storytelling. Taking advantage of this quality is, however, harder than it needs to be. Making role-playing games takes too much time and work on the part of game developers. Existing tools to develop such games unfortunately focus more on already proven design features and mostly duplicate same game mechanics. This makes it harder for game developers to experiment or at least break the mold from existing games.

This thesis proposes a game development framework to offer a solution to help game developers to build role-playing games in a much easier and quicker fashion. To this end, it utilizes common game mechanics and features from the existing role-playing games while providing a modular structure to add, remove, change or create new features to built games using model-view-controller pattern. This modularity also transforms the proposed framework into a highly scalable game development environment to work with for developers.

Ozan Emirhan Bayyurt, İnteraktif Hikaye Ve Rol Yapma Oyunlarına Odaklı Bir Oyun Geliştirme Sisteminin Tasarlanması Ve İmplementasyonu