Timuçin Berk Atalay, Scattering Delay Networks with Aperture Size Control for Simulating Coupled Volume Acoustics

M.S. Candidate: Timuçin Berk Atalay

Program: Multimedia Informatics

Date: 26.07.2019

Place: A-212

Abstract: Artificial reverberators provide a computationally viable alternative to full-scale room acoustics simulation methods when used in interactive, immersive systems. Scattering delay network (SDN) is a relatively recent artificial reverberator that allows direct parametric control over the geometry of a simulated rectangular enclosure as well the directional characteristics of the simulated sound sources and microphones. Coupled volume SDN aims to extend the SDN structure for enclosures coupled via an aperture. The extension allows independently controlling the acoustical properties of the coupled enclosures and the size of the connecting aperture. The utility of the proposed method is demonstrated by comparing the acoustical features, initial level difference and decay ratio derived from the energy decay curves calculated using the impulse responses obtained from coupled volume SDNs.