Ülkü Uzun, Employment Of Cycle-Spinning in Deep Learning

PhD. Candidate: Ülkü Uzun
Program: Information Systems
Date: 29.11.2022 / 13:00
Place: METU Informatics Institute

Abstract: Cycle-spinning (CS) method has been used in wavelet domain processes such as signal denoising, and image enhancement with great success. In this thesis, CS is adapted to be used in deep-learning algorithms, particularly it is integrated into GAN-based raindrop removal and CNN based image classification, and object detection models. Experiments on commonly-used architectures, such as AlexNet, DenseNet, ResNet, YOLOv5, EfficientDet, CenterNet, and TensorFlow Object Detection (TF-OD) show that the application of the CS method produces favorable results with higher perceptual quality in terms of full-reference metrics for raindrop removal, increased accuracy in classification and better object detection performance. It is shown that the proposed method reduces the signal degradation caused by aliased components when it is employed before down-sampling and it can increase the performance, without introducing any extra learnable parameters. Another advantage of the CS method is that it inherently provides a smoothing-out effect and, as such, it has potential uses in denoising.