Orientation Meetings

Dear Students,

There will be orientation and information meetings for new students who will be registered for 2018-2019 2nd semester.

Meetings' informations are given below.

Health Informatics Ph.D., M.S. and Bioinformatics M.S Prorams

In class II-02 on Monday, 11 February 2019 at 10:00 am

The following forms, which will be provided by us to the attending students , will be filled on the same day together with the administrative advisors.


Öğrenci Bilgi Formu/Student Information Form

Öğrenci Not formu/Student Grade Form

Bilimsel Hazırlık Formu/Scientific Preparation Form


In order to complete the forms mentioned above, our students are required to bring the following documents to the meeting.

1 Adet vesikalık resim/1 passport picture

1 Transcript (Undergraduate and Masters Transcript for Ph.D.)


* Participation is mandatory for the meeting. We congratulate our new students and wish them success.