Thesis defense - Fatih Ünver

Graduate School of Informatics /Information Systems

In partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Science Fatih Ünver will defend his thesis.


Date: 19th January 2018

Time: 14:30 AM

Place: A-108

Thesis Abstract :

Nowadays, mobile phones are widely used and carried by people almost all the time of a day. Also, people spend lots of time using these devices and applications inside. It means that these devices keep our personal data like application usage or environmental measurements that are produced and stored by build-in sensors on mobile devices even we do not use the device. This data can describe mobility of a human being easily. In this thesis, a cross-platform application that collects application usage statistics and sensory data and sends to the cloud periodically is developed. Then a virtual profile is created according to the data on cloud. Whenever user is trying to open an application, cloud looks previous mobility records of the user and decides whether this operation and environment is typical or not. This structure is applicable for multi-level authorization. Since the application needs to many cloud communication, we have also developed a cloud mocking framework. This framework can automatically create unit tests for all possible exceptions and success scenarios and these cases can be run and test without a real cloud connection. This framework is created to save time and effort in development and unit testing.