Cognitive Science Colloquia

Cognitive Science Colloquia are held* throughout the year and consist of seminars/talks given by invited speakers from various universities, as well as seminars by the METU staff or our own PhD students. The Colloquia aim to share information on cognitive science research, as well as promote academic research and collaboration. The seminars are open to anyone interested and provide an opportunity for our students to keep up with the recent research conducted in the field, allowing them to observe how research topics develop through academic exchange.

* Unless it is announced otherwise, seminars take place every Wednesday at 12:40, in the Informatics Institute (room II-03), METU.

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This Year (2021-2022)

Fall Semester

Basic Tenets of Cognitive Science
by Dr. Ceyhan Temürcü (COGS, METU)
on 27th of October

Webinar Record

Passcode: J+YN6ZT2

Modelling Legal Reasoning with Bayesian Networks 
by Asst. Prof. Dr. Barbaros Yet (COGS, METU)
on 10th of November

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Passcode: TMMgV7s@

Cryptographic Foundations of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Technologies
by Asst. Prof. Dr. Cihangir Tezcan (Cybersecurity, METU)
on 15th of December

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Effects of Attachment Styles on Prefrontal Cortex During Naturalistic Social Interaction: An fNIRS Based Hyperscanning Study
by Burcu Yargıçoğlu (COGS, METU)
on 29th of December

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General Trends and Failures in Security 
by Asst. Prof. Dr. Cihangir Tezcan (Cybersecurity, METU)
on 5th of January

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An Information Theoretic Representation of Human Brain for Decoding Mental States of Complex Problem Solving
by Gönül Günal Değirmendereli (COGS, METU)
on 19th of January

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