Ege Erdem, 3D Perceptual Soundfield Reconstruction via Sound Fieldextrapolation

M.S. Candidate: Ege Erdem
Program: Multimedia Informatics
Date: 08.01.2020
Place: SPARG LAB. (Modsimmer Building)

Abstract: Perceptual sound field reconstruction (PSR) is a spatial audio recording and repro-duction method based on the application of stereophonic panning laws in microphone array design.  PSR allows rendering a perceptually veridical and stable auditory per-spective in the horizontal plane of the listener, and involves recording using near-coincident microphone arrays. This thesis extends the two dimensional PSR concept to three dimensions and allows reconstructing an arbitrary sound field based on measurements with a rigid spherical microphone array. This work offers a method for em-ulating near coincident microphone recordings by using rigid spherical microphonearrays via sound field extrapolation carried out in the spherical harmonic domain.An active-intensity-based analysis of the rendered sound field shows that the proposedapproach can render direction of monochromatic plane waves accurately even with astraightforward extension of PSR directivity patterns designed for the 2D case.  Forthe real recordings, listening tests are conducted using binaural audio recordings ofthe reconstructed sound field and compared with higher order ambisonics recordings.