Kaan Sergen Arslan, Eye Tracking Based Interactive Communication System for Disabled Patients

M.S. Candidate: Kaan Sergen Arslan
Program: Cognitive Science
Date: 14.01.2020 / 16:00
Place: A-212

Abstract: There are disabled people that they cannot move her arm, feet and head and they do not have the ability to speak. They face with challenges when they need to communicate with others. Eye tracking systems are developed for the patients to communicate in previous works. In this thesis, 3 eye tracking applications have been developed. The eye tracking methods in the applications varies in terms of usability and cost. Webcam and eye tracker are two devices that the developed applications use. In webcam-based application, the program shows images to the user, then one of the pictures is selected according to the point which the user is looking at.  In eye tracker device-based application, the program shows an on-screen keyboard to the user, then the user types words by looking at the desired letter. This works continues with the experiments investigation that participants use the eye tracker applications.