Samet Albayrak , Semantic/Pragmatic Processing in Turkish Propositional Attitude Verbs: The Case of "Zannet"

M.S. Candidate: Samet Albayrak
Program: Cognitive Science
Date: 09.09.2019 / 10:00
Place: A-108

Abstract: This thesis investigated the Theory of Mind (ability to infer mental states) in a verbal medium. In addition to that, some propositional attitude verbs that are used for providing such a medium are investigated semantically and pragmatically. Evaluated verbs were bil (know), düşün (think), and zannet (~falsely-believe). These verbs are used for creating a paradigm where speaker’s beliefs are encoded in the utterance, and participants were expected to predict emotional responses to given situations using this information. Their accuracy scores in these experiments were then compared and examined for correlation with their scores on the Autism-Spectrum Quotient questionnaire which we aimed to measure the ability to process pragmatic inferences.