Yasemin Kuranel, Technical Debt Specification and Categorization for Software as a Service Applications

M.S. Candidate: Yasemin Kuranel
Program: Information Systems
Date: 28.11.2022 / 09:30
Place: A212

Abstract: An outcome of taking poor decisions or choosing easier solutions for faster code delivery is technical debt. In software delivery, either in services or product delivery, technical debt becomes inevitable. It is important to specify technical debt in any development effort. Technical debt is also common in platform-based solutions. However, there is not much research about technical debt categorization for software as a service applications (SaaS). There is a gap in the field to assist software development companies that work with such applications. This thesis aims to specify and categorize the technical debt present in organizations using software as a service applications, particularly in customer relationship management (CRM) platforms. We performed a case study on the process for categorizing technical debt, based on three different categorization methods, and found out that there are different categories defined particularly for development taking place on SaaS applications.