Overview of Research Groups & Labs at METU Graduate School of Informatics

METU Software Management Research Group (SMRG)

METU Software Management Research Group (SMRG) was founded to target specialized software management domain knowledge. The group targets to disseminate the domain knowledge on principles, processes, methods and techniques required to manage the development and evolution of software systems, to lead the advancement of software practice in Turkey, and to bring forth experts and scientists in the field.

METU Turkish Corpus

METU Turkish Corpus is a collection of 2 million words of post-1990 written Turkish samples. A subset of the corpus is used in METU-Sabanci Turkish Treebank. METU Turkish Corpus is XCES tagged at the typographical level. The distribution of the corpus also includes a workbench and related publications.

Computer Vision and Remote Sensing Research Group (CVRS)

The Computer Vision and Remote Sensing Research Group targets to conduct research on the cutting-edge topics of computer vision and remote sensing. Research projects vary from human perspective oriented evaluation of systems to development of new algorithm and methods for technical issues.  Additionally, experiments on remote and nondestructive image acquisition methods are performed in the laboratory in order to observe the difficulties faced in real data problems.

MetuNeuro Lab

The purpose of MetuNeuro Lab is development of METhods for studying Underlying NEUROnal Interactions between emotion and cognition. There are projects and graduate students that focus on the emotion-cognition interaction in experiment design, computational neuroanatomy, functional neuroanatomy.

METU Spatial Audio Research Group (SPARG)

METU SPARG was founded in 2013 to consolidate ongoing research work at METU II in the area of audio signal processing to further the state-of-the-art in spatial and 3D audio capture, editing, synthesis, transmission, reproduction, and testing. The research themes in SPARG include, microphone array signal processing, spatial audio object coding (SAOC), audio source culling, procedural sound, automatic soundscape analysis, artificial reverberation, and musical interaction.


Neurosignal Lab was founded to reveal and interpret brain mechanisms by analyzing oscillatory brain activity and connectivity emergent during various cognitive processes like emotion, memory, language and attention. Except cognition, we also work on clinical neuroscience, particularly Parkinson’s disease.

University Ranking by Academic Performance Research Laboratory (URAP)

University Ranking by Academic Performance (URAP) Research Laboratory was established at Informatics Institute of Middle East Technical University in 2009. Main objective of URAP is to develop a ranking system for the world universities based on academic performances which determined by quality and quantity of scholarly publications. In line with this objective yearly World Ranking of 2000 Higher Education Institutions have been released since 2010.

Wireless LAB

METU Wireless LAB was initially founded to explore topics related to mobile businesses, wireless communication technologies, and pervasive computing. As new research areas continue to emerge, active research shifted accordingly to follow up on emerging trends in industry and academia.