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Melek Ertan, Pronominal Anaphora Resolution for English and Turkish M.S. Thesis
Ali Gökalp Peker, Terrain Classification by Using Hyperspectral and Lidar Data PhD Thesis
Özgün Özkan, Impact of Scrum Tailoring on Technical Debt M.S. Thesis
Yeşim Dildar Korkmaz, Evaluating the Convergence of High-Performance Computing With Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing Technologies M.S. Thesis
Sefa Burak Okcu, Brain-Inspired Learning for Face Analysis in Artificial Neural Networks: A Multitask and Continual Learning Framework M.S. Thesis
Melis Odabaş Öğe, Conversational Repair Strategies in Adults with High Functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Content Analysis M.S. Thesis
Mert Türedioğlu, Model-Based Route Planning and Difficulty Estimation of Indoor Bouldering Problems M.S. Thesis
Beyza Eren, The Acquisition of Turkish Causal Connectives: An Experimental Study on Content and Epistemic Domains M.S. Thesis
Şükrü Alataş, A Deep Neural Network Based Product Metadata Validation Approach for Online Marketplaces M.S. Thesis
Mehmet İlteriş Bozkurt, Analyzing Counterfactual Statements in Turkish: A Framework That Combines Linguistics and Causal Modeling M.S. Thesis
Gülşah Kargın Aslım, Assessment for Identifying Skills Gaps in Higher Education High Performance Computing Related Programs M.S. Thesis
Ferhat Kutlu, Identification of Discourse Relations in Turkish Discourse Bank PhD Thesis
Utku Can Kunter, A Bayesian Model of Turkish Derivational Morphology PhD Thesis
Fatih İleri, Representation of Musical Conducting in Symbolic Sequences Through Processing of Physiological Signals PhD Thesis
Ayhan Serkan Şık, A Conceptual Design for Genetic Information Exchange Coding Standards in Türkiye PhD Thesis
Cansu Alptekin Gökbender, Visual Aids for Interpreting Predictive Probability Distributions Obtained From Bayesian Network Models M.S. Thesis
Mehmet Can Baytekin, Dimension Decoupled Region Proposal Network for Object Detection M.S. Thesis
Ömer Öztürk, Analysis of Industrial 4.0 Technologies’ Adaptation Using Interpretive Structural Modelling: Empirical Findings From Manufacturing Sector in Turkey M.S. Thesis
Mehmet Ali Arabacı, Multi-Modal Egocentric Activity Recognition Through Decision Fusion PhD Thesis
Melike Çağlayan, Allosteric Regulation in Proteins Through Residue-Residue Contact Networks PhD Thesis
Kerem Nazlıel, Data Science Technology Selection: Development of a Decision-Making Approach M.S. Thesis
Suna Durmuş, Acceptance of Software Process Improvement Models in Small and Medium Sized Enterprises: Empirical Findings of IT Sector in Turkey PhD Thesis
Salih Samet Akar, Development And Validation Of A Cloud Framework For A Small And Medium Enterprise In Defense Industry M.S. Thesis
Berat Tuna Karlı, Attack Independent Perceptual Improvement of Adversarial Examples M.S. Thesis
Talya Tümer Sivri, A Data-Centric Unsupervised 3D Mesh Segmentation Method M.S. Thesis
Ömer Faruk Yazar, The Importance of Reanalysis and Resequencing in Unsolved Rare Disease Cases with Interlab Database Collaborations M.S. Thesis
Elif Esmer, An Experimental Investigation of Gaze Behavior Modeling in Virtual Reality M.S. Thesis
Ekinsu Özkazanç, The Semantics of the Nominalizer –(y)Iş: Dimensions of Factivity and Manner M.S. Thesis
Yasemin Kuranel, Technical Debt Specification and Categorization for Software as a Service Applications M.S. Thesis
Aslı Boyraz, Microbiome Data Analysis Using Compositional Data Approach PhD Thesis
Ülkü Uzun, Employment Of Cycle-Spinning in Deep Learning PhD Thesis
Emrah Akkoyun, Growth Model for Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms Using Longitudinal CT Images PhD Thesis
Tuğçe Gölgeli, A Case Study on The Effect of Route Characteristics on Decision Making in the Sport of Orienteering M.S. Thesis
Ege Erdem, 3D Perceptual Soundfield Reconstruction via Sound Fieldextrapolation M.S. Thesis
Davut Çavdar, Design of a Context Aware Security Model for Preventing Relay Attacks Using Nfc Enabled Mobile Devices PhD Thesis
Gökçe Abay, Biological Data Integration and Relation Prediction by Matrix Factorization M.S. Thesis
Fatma Cankara, Prediction of the Effects of Single Amino Acid Variations on Protein Functionality with Structural and Annotation Centric Modeling M.S. Thesis
Rumeysa Fayetörbay, Network-Based Discovery of Molecular Targeted Agent Treatments in Hepatocellular Carcinoma M.S. Thesis
Mustafa Teke, Multi-Year Time Series Crop Mapping PhD Thesis
Kaan Sergen Arslan, Eye Tracking Based Interactive Communication System for Disabled Patients M.S. Thesis
Ülkü Arslan Aydın, A Gaze-Centered Multimodal Approach to Face-To-Face Interaction PhD Thesis
Gökçe Komaç, A Study of Using a Persuasive Game as a Tool to Raise Awareness About Trolling Behavior M.S. Thesis
Atıl İlerialkan, Speaker and Posture Classification Using Instantaneous Acoustic Features of Breath Signals M.S. Thesis
Müge Değirmenci Camcı, Synthesis of Realistic 3D Artifacts Using Flow Fields M.S. Thesis
Sarper Alkan, A computational model of the brain for decoding mental states from fMRI PhD Thesis
Gizem Özen, The effect of kinemorphs on F-Formation shapes: an investigation on human robot interaction in virtual reality M.S. Thesis
Ümit Eronat , Synthesis of Soundscapes Based on an Automatic Analysis of Auditory Imagery in Literary Texts M.S. Thesis
Oğuzhan Demir , Implementing The Type-Raising Algorithm by Grammar Compiling M.S. Thesis
Bilgin Aksoy, Perceptual Quality Preserving Adversarial Attacks M.S. Thesis
Samet Albayrak , Semantic/Pragmatic Processing in Turkish Propositional Attitude Verbs: The Case of "Zannet" M.S. Thesis
Meriç Kınalı, Leveraging The Human Kinome for Anticancer Agent Cytotoxicity Potency Prediction M.S. Thesis
Oğuzcan Ergün, Developing Building Information Modelling Based Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality Environments for Architectural Design and Improving User Interactions with Serious Games M.S. Thesis
Atıl İlerialkan, Speaker and Posture Classification Using Instantaneous Acoustic Features of Breath Signals M.S. Thesis
Cansu Dinçer, 3D Spatial Organization and Network-Guided Comparison of Mutation Profiles in Glioblastoma M.S. Thesis
Müge Değirmenci Camcı, Synthesis of Realistic 3D Artifacts Using Flow Fields M.S. Thesis
Selahattin Polat, Performance Evaluation of Lightweight Cryptographic Algorithms for Internet of Things Security M.S. Thesis
Elif Bozlak, De Novo Snp Calling and Demographic Inference Using Trio Genome Data M.S. Thesis
Evrim Fer, Testing Natural Selection on Polygenic Trait-Associated Alleles in Anatolia Using Neolithic and Present-Day Human Genomes M.S. Thesis
Mine Cüneyitoğlu Özkul, Single-Image Bayesian Restoration And Multi-Image Super-Resolution Restoration For B-Mode Ultrasound Images Using an Accurate System Model PhD Thesis
Orhun Olgun, Entropy-based Direction-of-Arrival Estimation Methods for Rigid Spherical Microphone Arrays M.S. Thesis
Timuçin Berk Atalay, Scattering Delay Networks with Aperture Size Control for Simulating Coupled Volume Acoustics M.S. Thesis
Ozan Emirhan Bayyurt, Designing and Implementing a Game Development Framework for Interactive Stories and Role Playing Games M.S. Thesis
Necati Çağatay Gürsoy, Cross-age Effect In Artificial Neural Networks: A Study On Facial Age Recognition Bias In Artificial Neural Networks M.S. Thesis
Salih Fırat Canpolat, A Novel Approach To Emotion Recognition In Voice: A Convolutional Neural Network Approach And Grad-Cam Generation M.S. Thesis
Open Research Day 2019 News
Çağrı Şakiroğulları, Measuring Empirical Bias Toward Ergativity And Accusativity News
Integrative Network Modeling of the Dasatinib Treatment in Glioblastoma Stem Cells by Gökçe Senger M.S. Thesis
International D4R-Data for Refugees Competition Award Awards
4 TÜBA-GEBİP Awards Granted to METU Awards
Prof. Dr. Mustafa Parlar Education and Reasearch Foundation METU Thesis of the Year Awards Awards
Eren Esgin - Sequence Alignment Based Process Family Extraction PhD Thesis
UNESCO L'OREAL National For Women in Science Award - Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nurcan Tunçbağ Awards